Again a meeting in which it was only worth winning and again Thomas bropleh taking responsibility in a Covirán Granada that he found in his hands the passport to what will be the third and final round of the semifinal round.

A great meeting in which Thomas served only as the tip of the iceberg of a team that fought hard for the victory from the initial jump and to which he contributed a total of 25 points (3/6 TL and 8/17 TC), 5 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 recovery, 1 block and 4 fouls received.

Key numbers when it comes to valuing the work for your team and, especially, in those moments in which the Leyma Coruña pressed hard to be able to reverse his luck (82-85).

In this way, the exterior of the Nasrid team ensured the dispute of a third round at the Palacio de los Deportes on a Wednesday night in which he will threaten with his team a rival who will have to overcome a tough battle to reach the semifinals .

Anecdotal section:

He had not been able to release his individual record throughout this year, but forward Thomas Bropleh (Covirán Granada) He seems determined in recent weeks to be one of the most effective men in the Playoffs by promotion. This was demonstrated in a first day in which he managed to win the first award of the Quarter-finals and has ratified it in a semifinal in which it has been key for his Covirán Granada to move forward. An MVP in the broadest sense of the word.

The quintet of the day in the LEB Oro:

Presence of the four semifinalist teams in the ideal quintet of a second round in which the weight of the game fell on those players whose inertia was key to the triumphs of their respective teams.

Especially in Riazor, where the role of the MVP Thomas Bropleh (Covirán Granada) in the forward position he was as decisive as that of his teammate Ale Bortolussi (Covirán Granada) indoors. Two men capable of forcing a third assault that, in Alicante, passed through the hands of a luxury veteran, a Txemi Urtasun (HLA Alicante) ornery from the perimeter

Equally decisive, although not so decisive in the final result, they were the basis Roope Ahonen (Breogán River) and the pivot Javi Vega (Leyma Coruña), two players who fought by force for a Galician classification for which they will have a new opportunity this Wednesday.

Roope Ahonen (Breogán River) 14 val: 10 points (4/4 TC), 2 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 recovery and 3 fouls received.
Shooting guard: Txemi Urtasun (HLA Alicante) 22 val: 9 points (2/3 TL and 3/7 TC), 4 rebounds, 8 assists, 4 recoveries and 5 fouls received.
Eaves: Thomas Bropleh (Covirán Granada) 23 val: 25 points (3/6 TL and 8/17 TC), 5 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 recovery, 1 block and 4 fouls received.
Power-Wing: Ale Bortolussi (Covirán Granada) 18 val: 11 points (5/6 TC), 5 rebounds, 1 assist and 2 fouls received.
Pivot: Javi Vega (Leyma Coruña) 19 val: 16 points (1/1 TL and 6/8 TC), 5 rebounds, 1 assist and 1 foul received

Season statistics
– Thomas Bropleh:

Played games: 33
Minutes: 28.48 pp
Points: 14.6 pp
Rebounds: 4.2 pp
Assists: 1.7 pp
Recoveries: 0.8 pp
Caps: 0.1 pp
Fouls received: 3.1 pp
Rating: 14.5 pp

Sports career
– Thomas Bropleh:

Training: George Washington High School (Denver – USA)
2010/14: Boise State University (NCAA – USA)
2014/15: Finke Basket Paderborn (ProA – Germany)
2015/16: Texas Legends (DL – USA)
2016/17: FC Porto Ferpinta (LPB -Portugal)
2016/17: Cafés Candelas Breogán (LEB Oro)
2017/18: ASC Denain-Voltaire PH (Pro B – France)
2018/19: Real Betis Energía Plus (LEB Gold)
2019/20: B the travel Brand Mallorca-Palma (LEB Gold)
2020/21: Covirán Granada (LEB Gold)