There is just over 24 hours left for the LEB Gold League to know the name of its two finalist teams. To do this, the competition will have to clear its penultimate unknown on a Wednesday night in which the third semifinal matches will be played in Lugo and Granada. Two duels marked by equality throughout the series and that, surely, will not be resolved until the horn signals the end of the game.

REPORTAGE: Covirán Granada, a franchise with its own “Ley de Costa”

REPORTAGE: HLA Alicante, before the historical record of the double comeback

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PLAYOFFS ASCENSO: The two tickets to the Final, in game to heads or tails this Wednesday

Río Breogán vs HLA Alicante:

An excited HLA Alicante plays it in the always decisive Pazo

Win or win. That will be the key with which a Breogán River jumps onto the court of Pazo dos Deportes, for which the dispute in the final is practically a moral obligation after almost six decades of history in national basketball. A path that they will try to pave against a dangerous rival since HLA Alicante has two factors in their favor: on the one hand, having won in the League this season at the Pazo and, on the other, having been able to overcome already one tie in which they had started losing. For this reason, Diego Epifanio and his men will have to take to the court with a winning mentality and ready to stay focused during the 40 minutes of play so that MVP Kevin Larsen can find as many allies as possible around him. Because, otherwise, the HLA Alicante will win integers led by the incombustible Txemi Urtasun who has taken the witness of the gap left by a Pedro Llompart who will continue to be low for such a historic appointment. A duel between two historic cities and that will lead only one of them to be able to fight for promotion.

J.1: Rio Breogán vs HLA Alicante (88-87 / 1-0)
J.2: HLA Alicante vs Río Breogán (77-66 / 1-1)
J.3: Wednesday 9 – 20: 15h


Covirán Granada vs Leyma Coruña:

A historic opportunity marked by the inertia of the Palace

The first two points of the series have been distributed, each winning on the opposite track, which makes what may happen this Wednesday on the Palace court totally unpredictable. Because the prevailing equality between both teams makes the series really open with both teams sharing their pass options at 50%. A duel in which Covirán Granada hopes to be able to fully exploit their local status and, especially, the presence of 1,500 fans in their stands, although Pablo Pin’s men are perfectly aware of the difficulty it will have to impose on a Leyma who It comes endorsed by its previous triumph on the same stage. Because Sergio García’s men have proven to be a really dangerous team when they can run the track and even more so if they are able to control such a decisive aspect as the rebound. Because perhaps that is where the key to a match may come that will send one or the other to the dispute of the first final in their history in the LEB Gold League.

J.1: Covirán Granada vs Leyma Coruña (67-77 / 0-1)
J.2: Leyma Coruña vs Covirán Granada (82-85 / 1-1)
J.3: Wednesday 9 – 21: 00h