They knew of the importance that the home court factor was going to have in their fight for the final and it did not fail some Covirán Granada and Río Breogán who had to suffer to be able to meet in the last series of Playoffs. A final tie to which both will arrive after all a physical waste on a night in which Leyma Coruña and HLA Alicante resisted until the end, letting victory slip away in the closing stages.

REPORTAGE: Covirán Granada, a franchise with its own “Ley de Costa”

REPORTAGE: HLA Alicante, before the historical record of the double comeback

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PLAYOFFS PROMOTION: The court factor sends Covirán Granada and Río Breogán to the Final

Rio Breogán vs HLA Alicante (87-77) / Statistics

The Breogán River takes advantage of local inertia to knock down a rocky HLA Alicante

With a high pace of play and both teams playing in the open field, the decisive duel between Río Breogán and HLA Alicante offered a show right from the initial jump. A meeting in which the Danish interiors assumed the offensive weight in both zones with honorable mention for a Kevin Larsen who scored 10 of the first 14 points of the Galician team. A work supported by his excellent work under the hoops with two offensive rebounds included that delivered the first income to those of Diego Epifanio (14-7). With this dynamic, the Breogán River managed to acquire significant income against an HLA Alicante that entered into a bonus and found it difficult to find itself in attack (22-9). Because neither the interior balls nor the success from beyond 6.75 accompanied a team from Alicante that soon complicated the game. It had to be the voice of Pedro Rivero from the wing that “propelled” his players with two good defenses in a row and new points from 4.60 with which to achieve their first reaction at the end of the first quarter (28-18). But it was not until the beginning of the second quarter when the visitors were able to release their nerves thanks to the first two triples from Noah Allen and Txemi Urtasum who put the cards of the Alicante team on the table (35-26). All a positive inertia that seemed to transfer the nervousness to the Lugo dolls thus bringing their first failures of a night in which HLA Alicante was not going to take long to get into the game (38-33). To such an extent that Rivero’s men reached a point two minutes before the break (40-39) thus causing a final reaction from the azulón team (46-41).

Seeing the passage of the first part, it seemed clear that whoever was able to dominate the beginning of the third quarter was going to have a lot of cattle. And that message stuck better in the players of an HLA Alicante who were able to return to the court more aggressive. Thus, the Mediterranean squad managed to neutralize their rival with up to three triples in as many minutes by a Justin Pitts who was beginning to take on gallons (58-59). Thus the HLA traced the match and Diego Epifanio’s team seemed to shake his hand when looking for some points that supported the team from 4.60 to reach the last quarter with the score even and the tie completely open (62-61 ). Nerves were again going to be one of the factors to control to be able to access the final and, in that sense, Kevin Larsen’s cold blood seemed to help the Galician squad to assume the last 5 minutes of the game with a mini-mattress that it invited a certain moderate optimism (71-66). And even more so with the defense of the Breogán River on a Justin Pitts whose shots were increasingly forced, generating long rebounds that began to fall on the side of the home team. Thus, the game began to escape for an HLA Alicante that was clearly outmatched with Sergi Quintela’s accurate triple three minutes from the end to leave the party on track (77-66). There was little that an HLA Alicante could do already, short of gasoline and that was overcome by the desire to win of a Río Breogán that thus began the fight for the title (87-77).

J.1: Rio Breogán vs HLA Alicante (88-87 / 1-0)
J.2: HLA Alicante vs Río Breogán (77-66 / 1-1)
J.3: Rio Breogán vs HLA Alicante (87-77 / 2-1)

MVP: Kevin Larsen (Río Breogán) – 26 rating

Covirán Granada vs Leyma Coruña (72-68)
/ Statistics

Lluis Costa sends Covirán Granada to the final for promotion

They had played two even matches that seemed to anticipate a final dog-face fight on Wednesday night. A premise that was soon confirmed by both teams on the floor with a very equal match in which nerves were the dominant factor on both sides of the court. Because not even the usual stars were able to add figures to a stagnant scoreboard during a stuck start and lacking rhythm (7-7). Only Alex Murphy’s restless wrist could give some oxygen to a Covirán Granada that tried to take off in the final stretch of the quarter through the changes of pace generated by Christian Díaz (16-12). Those of Pablo Pin tried to assume the rhythm of the game precisely through the direction of some bases -Costa & Díaz- that coincided for the first time on the court to put a small maximum on their team’s scoreboard (20-14), but once Furthermore, Leyma Coruña was able to neutralize rents thanks to the superiority of his pivots in positions close to the basket where the Andalusians had serious problems when it came to containing a rocky Gary McGhee (20-20). The exchange of blows did not cease and remained intact throughout the final stretch of the first half in which the first points from the line of three did not help either Andalusians or Galicians to win the score (34-32 ).

It was, after passing through the changing rooms, when Leyma Coruña decided to go head-to-head for the game, with a solid start and a greater success in the face of the basket. To such an extent that Sergio García’s men managed to sign a 2-10 run culminated by a Javi Vega that forced Pablo Pin to stop the game (36-42). It seemed that the visiting team could put land in the middle, but the Nasrid coach’s slate began to bear fruit, with two identical and consecutive triples by Thomas Bropleh that began to change the inertia of the match, returning the 10-0 (46-42 ). And, as if that were not enough, a Christian Díaz was yet to appear who emulated his partner, although this time with two frontal targets that did a lot of damage to his rival (57-50). Little by little, the Covirán squad was joining an attack in which Germán Martínez was able to save the A Coruña corks by opening a can broken by a new triple from a Lluis Costa that put a maximum income on the scoreboard (62-54 ). Although, with the game about to break, Leyma Coruña got an extra dose of strength and talent to get back into a fight endorsed by a triple by Dago Peña with which to place his team within seconds of the end . The end was sighted to heads or tails and, in that field, Lluis Costa added from 4.60 placing the +2 before a Leyma who was going to have the last ball. Covirán chose to defend, Zach Monaghan played it three, the shot did not enter and the victory stayed at home. A victory that Costa finished off from the personnel line and that sent Pablo Pin’s men to the dispute of their first final (72-68).

J.1: Covirán Granada vs Leyma Coruña (67-77 / 0-1)
J.2: Leyma Coruña vs Covirán Granada (82-85 / 1-1)
J.3: Covirán Granada vs Leyma Coruña (72-68 / 2-1)

MVP: Lluis Costa (Covirán Granada) – 20 valuation