It was not a challenge, much less without difficulty, against a Spar Girona who came to be virtually classified during different moments of the game, but when one has the talent of a player like Rebecca Allen in their ranks, everything is a little easier. And if not that they tell a Valencia Basket that took advantage of the inertia generated from the outside line by the Australian player to break the game thus achieving the pass to the Final.


It was the last signing of the Valencia Basket last summer and… What a signing!

Because upon arrival in Spain, this Australian player carried in her backpack no more and no less than five seasons in one WNBA in which he had already shown his quality on the court. An experience that endorsed his rapid adaptation to a European basketball with which he had previously flirted and that began to look askance at La Fonteta.

And it is that, on his court, Rebecca allen He began to sign brilliant performances and decisive matches for a team really satisfied with his arrival. An offensive sustenance for the whole of Ruben Burgos and that he has reached an extraordinary level of form in a final stretch in which he has been key to reaching the Queen’s Cup Final as well as to be able to lift the title in the Eurocup Women.

But the challenge now will be to conquer the Final of a LF Endesa to which the Valencian team has arrived after a new exhibition of its franchise player in the semifinals, a Rebecca who served as the “Allen wrench” of the team through their 30 points of valuation that were well worth to open the penultimate door (87-74).

Because their 21 points (4/5 TL and 7/9 TC), 3 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 blocks and 6 fouls received they were really decisive at the moment when his team needed him the most. Numbers that ensured the passage to a final in which history is yet to be written.

Anecdotal section:

If during the first leg of the semifinals it had been Cristina Ouviña (Valencia Basket) the one in charge of assuming responsibility in the ranks of the Valencian team, on this occasion it has been Rebecca Allen (Valencia Basket) who has reigned in valuation on the Parque de la Fonteta. A player who had accumulated a high number of presences in the ideal quintet of the day throughout the course and who has had to wait for the Playoffs for the title to be able to lift her first award. And that Allen has been decisive throughout the year to generate advantages, decide games … But never before so decisive as on a Saturday night in which he certified his team’s move to the semifinals with a stellar comeback.

The ideal quintet of the day:

Determinant throughout the season and fundamental in the first round of the semifinals, the second leg could not have another protagonist in the direction that was not a Cristina Ouviña (Valencia Basket) ornery on the parquet. Although, on this occasion, the Aragonese player found a luxury squire in the Taronja perimeter with the irruption in the ideal quintet of a Rebecca Allen (Valencia Basket) who signed from the position of three his best performance of the course. Two regular players of an ideal quintet in which they flanked on their perimeter a Leo Rodríguez (Perfumerías Avenida) in his best form of the season.

But the Fonteta duel did not only have an outside role since, from its track, it emerged as one of the best players of the weekend a Celeste Trahan-Davis (Valencia Basket) who won the inner game to which he will become his companion in the painting, a Julia Reisingerova (Spar Girona) who returned to Valencia in search of a ticket that disappeared in the final bars.

Cristina Ouviña (Valencia Basket) 25 val: 21 points (1/1 TL and 9/14 TC), 3 rebounds, 7 assists, 1 recovery and 4 fouls received.
Shooting guard: Leo Rodríguez (Perfumerías Avenida) 23 val: 17 points (2/2 TL and 7/10 TC), 5 rebounds, 3 assists and 1 received foul.
Eaves: Rebecca Allen (Valencia Basket) 30 val: 21 points (4/5 TL and 7/9 TC), 3 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 blocks and 6 fouls received.
Power-Wing: Celeste Trahan-Davis (Valencia Basket) 23 val: 19 points (2/2 TL and 8/14 TC), 9 rebounds, 1 assist and 3 fouls received.
Pivot: Julia Reisingerova (Spar Girona) 24 val: 21 points (4/5 TL and 8/13 TC), 5 rebounds, 2 assists, 4 recoveries, 1 block and 6 fouls received

Season statistics
– Rebecca Allen:

Played games: 37
Minutes: 24.00 pp
Points: 11.4 pp
Rebounds: 3.1 pp
Assists: 0.9 pp
Recoveries: 1.4 pp
Caps: 0.6 pp
Fouls received: 1.2 pp
Rating: 9.9 pp

Sports career
– Rebecca Allen:

Training: Dandenong Rangers (Australia)
2009/10: Dandenong Rangers (WNBL – Australia)
2010/12: AIS (WNBL – Australia)
2012/14: Melbourne Bulleen Boomers (WNBL – Australia)
2015/16: South East Queensland (WNBL – Australia)
2015/16: New York Liberty (WNBA – USA)
2016/17: Good Angels Koice (Slovakia)
2016/17: New York Liberty (WNBA – USA)
2017/18: Asvel Lyon (France)
2017/18: New York Liberty (WNBA – USA)
2018/19: Arka Gdynia (Poland)
2018/19: New York Liberty (WNBA – USA)
2019/20: Arka Gdynia (Poland)
2019/20: New York Liberty (WNBA – USA)
2020/21: Valencia Basket (LF Endesa)

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