They did not arrive at their best physical moment and the rival’s entity complicated the passage to the semifinals, but Perfumerías Avenida again starred in a superb meeting in which the strength and courage of their players endorsed the pass to a final in which they will fight for the title on Sunday afternoon. An exciting match in which they will face the UMMC Ekaterimburg of Miguel Méndez and Alba Torrens to try to recover the great continental title conquered ten years ago by the Salamanca team.

Perfumerías Avenida vs Sopron Basket (72-61) / Statistics

Appointment with history for an Avenida Perfumeries willing to dream

With such an ambitious goal on the horizon at night, it seemed clear that the start of the game was not going to be far from easy. A few minutes of scoring in which it was difficult for both teams to enter the game as they were more aware of the performance that the rival could offer, than of their own game. Swampy terrain in which Perfumerías Avenida seemed to move a little better than Sopron to be able to take the first rents of the night (16-10). Although the good role of Íñiguez’s women did nothing more than spur on a rival that began to grow after the first intermission to get loose in scoring. In this way, the rival of the Salamanca team managed to turn the scoreboard to reach the break ahead (30-32). Both teams retired to the changing rooms and in the feelings of the Salamanca fans the aroma of the third quarters began to be felt, those in which their team used to give a blow to the games and that, how could it be otherwise, not it took a long time to arrive. This could be verified with a restart in which Silvia Domínguez marked the step from the direction, in which Tiffany Hayes marked differences from the perimeter and in which Samuelson polished the game of his teammates under the hoops (50-42). In this way, Perfumerías channeled the shock and put the direct towards a certified final in a stellar last quarter and with which to start dreaming of a title that will await the team on Sunday afternoon (72-61).

MVP: Tiffany Hayes (Perfumerías Avenida) – 24 rating