Playoff time in “The Quiniela de la LEB Oro” with the arrival of the semifinals that bring us back to an illustrious of the competition. And is that the eaves Marc Blanch (CB Prat) He is back in the LEB Oro after winning promotion with the Catalan team, which will lead him to step on the slopes of the League again.

Therefore, the ideal opportunity to test their knowledge with the analysis of some semi-finals in which Marc will bet heavily on the field factor of two teams willing to meet in the final, on the one hand, a Breogán River that will extract oil from the Pazo before him HLA Alicante and, on the other, a Covirán Granada that will bring down the Leyma Coruña before his public to overcome the series … Will they be correct in their predictions?

Semifinals: The pool of… Marc Blanch
Play off Forecast
Covirán Granada vs Leyma Coruña 1 two 1
twenty-one: “We are facing two teams of a high level and that are going to star in a really tough semifinal, but if I had to bet on one of the two, I would do it for Covirán Granada since I think that the return of the public to the pavilions is going to be very It is important for the local teams. They are going to know how to take advantage of that field factor to be able to secure their place in the final.
MVP: Lluis Costa (Covirán)
Rio Breogán vs HLA Alicante 1 two 1
twenty-one: “And facing the tie to be played in Lugo and Alicante, I think the prognosis is a bit similar. Two good squads that have played good games this year and have many strong points, but playing in the Pazo and with the public It can help the Río Breogán to decide on a hypothetical end of the match equalized to travel to Alicante with greater confidence “.
MVP: Kevin Larsen (Breogán River)

In previous days …

Under “The Quiniela de la LEB Oro” the curtain on his Regular League last weekend and he did so with a total balance of 29 weekly tickets and a record. And it is that, for the first time in its history, the section has registered two plenary sessions (9/9) within the same Regular League.

The first of them, the one achieved by Sergi Huguet (Palmer Mediterranean Soul) in the course of Day 11 and, the second, the one signed by Joel Sabaté (TAU Castelló) just four weeks later during Matchday 15.

In this way, both players managed to gain a shared leadership that led the forward to second place. Miguel González (ZTE Real Canoe) and to the base Melwin Pantzar (Sur Aspasia Clinic) who were two hits from the plenary session with a 7/9.

In the opposite plane, the Argentine base Mateo Díaz (Breogán River), closed his ticket during matchday 15 with a 1/9 that made him the bottom of the season. A few bets in which the maxim was fulfilled that there is nothing more important than getting the result right just as the outside of the Lugo team did.

The pool of the day in the LEB Oro
Working day Player – Team Hits Link
1 Eddy Polanco (ICG Força Lleida) 5/9 (56%) Football pools
two Javi Vega (Leyma Coruña) 5/9 (56%) Football pools
3 David Navarro (Iberian Ourense) 5/9 (56%) Football pools
4 Thomas Bropleh (Covirán FCBG) 5/9 (56%) Football pools
5 Mo Soluade (Breogán River) 6/9 (67%) Football pools
6 Pedro Llompart (HLA Alicante) 5/9 (56%) Football pools
7 Ayoze Alonso (Tizona Burgos) 6/9 (67%) Football pools
8 Alec Wintering (Melilla SC) 6/9 (67%) Football pools
9 Ramón Vilà (Levitec Huesca) 4/9 (44%) Football pools
10 Melwin Pantzar (C. Sur Aspasia) 7/9 (78%) Football pools
eleven Sergi Huguet (Palmer Alma M) 9/9 (100%) Football pools
12 Davis Rozitis (Girona Basketball) 5/9 (56%) Football pools
13 Nico Richotti (Destination Palencia) 6/9 (67%) Football pools
CUP The Captains’ Pool 12/17 (71%) Football pools
14 Juan Rubio (Real Murcia Bto) 6/9 (67%) Football pools
fifteen Miguel González (ZTE Real Canoe) 7/9 (78%) Football pools
16 Joel Sabaté (TAU Castelló) 9/9 (100%) Football pools
17 Herve Kabasele (Liberbank Oviedo) 6/9 (67%) Football pools
18 Paco del Águila (Cáceres PH) 4/9 (44%) Football pools
F.2 – J.9 Marcus Vinicius (ICG Força Lleida) 6/9 (67%) Football pools
F.2 – J.10 Sergio Mendiola (CB Almansa) 5/9 (56%) Football pools
F.2 – J.11 Romaric Belemene (Leyma) 6/9 (67%) Football pools
F.2 – J.12 Diogo Brito (Ibereólica COB) 2/9 (22%) Football pools
F.2 – J.13 Germán Martínez (Covirán FCBG) 6/9 (67%) Football pools
F.2 – J.14 Mateo Díaz (Breogán River) 1/9 (11%) Football pools
F.2 – J.15 Jorge Bilbao (HLA Alicante) 4/9 (44%) Football pools
F.2 – J.16 Ricardo Úriz (Tizona Burgos) 7/9 (77%) Football pools
F.2 – J.17 Mathieu Kamba (Melilla SC) 3/9 (33%) Football pools
F.2 – J.18 Ander Urdiain (Levitec Huesca) 4/9 (44%) Football pools
ROOMS Álex Pérez and Pau Tomàs (BSA) 4/12 (33%) Football pools
SEMIS Marc Blanch (CB Prat) ———- Football pools
Absolute records in “La quiniela”
Working day Player – Team Hits Link
Sergi Pino
(Melilla Bto)
7/7 (100%) Football pools
Albert Sàbat
(Ford Burgos)
7/7 (100%) Football pools
Alvaro Lobo
7/7 (100%) Football pools
Final PO
Angel Hernandez
(Leyma Coruña)
5/5 (100%) Football pools
Carlos Martinez
(Leyma Coruña)
9/9 (100%) Football pools
Sergi huguet
(Palmer Mediterranean Soul)
9/9 (100%) Football pools
Joel Sabaté
(TAU Castelló)
9/9 (100%) Football pools