Valencia Basket knew that Spar Girona was not going to give up, far from it, and this was confirmed by the Valencian team on a night in which the historic Laia Palau was about to come back from the series. But the effort of Valencia Basket paid off to take the taronjas to a final to which Perfumerías Avenida arrived without any hurry.

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With 12 rental points after the match played in Girona and with the support of their fans, everything seemed to be in the interests of Valencia Basket on a night in which the ticket to the final was going to be at stake. And so Rubén Burgos’s players tried to ratify it with a solid start to the match (10-5) and with seven almost consecutive points from Ángela Salvadores with which to contain Spar Girona’s first attempts. But it didn’t take long for Alfred Julbe’s team to demonstrate that they had arrived in Valencia ready to come back from the series. A stellar Laia Palau was responsible for this in the direction with a good job by Laia Flores and, especially, a Kennedy Burke who stole a key ball so that her team could go ahead at halftime (34-36).

It was, after passing through the locker room, when the Catalan team offered their best version to reach a profit of close to 10 points and put fear into their rival’s body. A momentum cut on two occasions both by Rubén Burgos’ timeouts and by the competitive nature of Cristina Ouviña who responded to each of the comeback attempts. His was precisely the final impulse with which to prevent the last ordeal of Alfred Julbe’s so that the defeat would not have any consequence for his interests (66-73).

With the Valencians already in the final, it remained to be seen if Cadí La Seu was going to be able to surprise in Salamanca after their defeat by just 7 points in the first leg. A dream that was dissolved in the first quarter for Bernat Canut’s team due to the overwhelming work of the Salamanca team on both sides of the track. Especially in defense, which allowed the home team to run to surprise from their balance (21-7). With this inertia and Samuelson in MVP mode, the match was soon decided with a Cadí La Seu without fortune in attack against a rival in a fast lap. In this way, the last minutes were a mere formality towards the final for Roberto Íñiguez’s team and the best possible farewell for a Cadí La Seu who left pearls of quality at the hands of Laia Raventós (75-39).


– IDK Euskotren vs. Spar Girona (56-61) | MVP: M. Coulibaly – 21 val.
– Movistar Students vs. Valencia Basket (59-59) | MVP: M. Gretter – 38 val.
– Casademont Zaragoza vs. Cadí La Seu (57-75) | MVP: L. Raventos – 23 val.
– Lointek Gernika vs Perfumeries Avenue (70-85) | MVP: K. Copper – 29 val.


– Spar Girona vs IDK Euskotren (67-54) | MVP: R. Gardner – 18 val.
– Cadí La Seu vs. Casademont Zaragoza (58-58) | MVP: A. Delaere – 21 val.
– Avenida Perfumeries vs. Lointek Gernika (73-43) | MVP: K. Samuelson – 23 val.
– Valencia Basket vs. Movistar Students (72-35) | MVP: A: Allen – 20 val.


– Cadí La Seu vs Perfumerías Avenida (66-73) | MVP: K. Samuelson – 25 val.
– Spar Girona vs. Valencia Basket (49-61) | MVP: R. Allen – 18 val.


– Valencia Basket vs Spar Girona (66-73) | MVP: R. Gardner – 22 val.
– Perfumeries Avenida vs. Cadí La Seu (75-39) | MVP: K. Samuelson – 17 val.