Sergio Hernández, former Argentine coach of basketball for more than a decade and former coach of Casademont Zaragoza last year, was protagonist in Radio MARCA to analyze his life beyond the benches, his philosophy of basketball and the current situation of the world of the basket.

Period without training: “When one is in competition many times one forgets that there is another life besides basketball. I am discovering other things and taking advantage of my time away from basketball and filling the fuel tank to return as soon as possible with more energy and wisdom “

Cycle in the national team: “I feel privileged to be able to participate in World Cups and Olympic Games, with different generations. I will continue enjoying international basketball from abroad. Spain and Argentina have been the countries that have dominated basketball in recent years apart from the United States. It is a rivalry in which Spain almost always won. We should feel very proud, the match in Tokyo had a very important emotional touch.”

The Gasols and Scolas, great legends: “They are different, they are an example of life in society not only for what they play but also for what they transmit in terms of values. What we continue to enjoy from them off the pitch in terms of their message is wonderful and is what reinforces the idea that sport is one of the most powerful tools to educate and to transmit messages.”

Returning to Real Madrid is not bad at all for Deck. He will break it again, he had a very special love for Madrid, for the city, for the team and for his coach

Sergio Hernández, in ‘We Like Basket’

New challenges: “Since I was born I have had my suitcase half open and half closed and ready for new challenges, but I would like to start something from scratch. The two times that I had to train in Spain it was to replace a coach and that is not ideal. For me it would be very pleasant to be able to start a project in Spain, that it has the strongest league outside the NBA and I was able to confirm it last year when I was in Zaragoza”

Stage in Zaragoza: “I had a difficult time, I left Argentina with very calm COVID and I arrived in Europe very convulsed, in Zaragoza there was a curfew, it was without a family, a very hard winter… When it loosened up in Spain, it got very hard in Argentina and many people close to me were infected and I was more attentive to what was happening there than I had to be. I am very sorry because I found a wonderful franchise, a spectacular city, a luxury staff. I am very attentive to what they do because I became quite a fan of the team”

Coach Philosophy: “There is a lot of confusion with the role of coach, leadership is a service and not a question of power. We are not paid to send and give orders, they pay us to teach how to play basketball in the best way and that is done with teaching and with conviction, it is not achieved with obedience or shouting”

Spain and Argentina have been the countries that have dominated basketball in recent years beyond the US

Sergio Hernández, former Argentine basketball coach

Deck’s return to Real Madrid: “His little participation in the NBA has surprised us all. Deck did not have opportunities to play and we do not know if it was difficult for him to play in the NBA or if he could have done well. The mystery is why he was not used as much, but it is part of the business. Going back to Real Madrid is not bad at all and it will break it again. I know Gaby a lot and beyond trying out in the NBA, he had a very special love for Madrid, for the city, for the team, for his coach, is going to contribute quickly for sure to Real Madrid”

Laprovittola: “Is a competitive animal and the more you doubt him, the more angry he gets. You have to take your hat off with your competitive side, life is always sought. He went to a place again to earn the position and the trust and he succeeded. He has a competitive mentality like few others”