An “off-road vehicle”, as she defines herself, that she has already been working under Roberto Íñiguez for several days and that she is living her second stage in Spain with more experience and wisdom, and this was shown today in the official presentation to the media. Communication.

Third presentation in three days, third player for a more complete interior, although with nuances, “you know Shante as a player, a different profile from the one we had in our inner game,” the president of Avenida, Jorge Recio, began by explaining. In that sense, for the Azulón president, Evans “is an experienced player and, as often happens to us lately, she made herself available to our project with a simple call, something that we greatly appreciate”, while predicting: “We are going to enjoy a lot with his game ”.

As a player with experience in this competition, Shante knows where she has landed: “I am very grateful to have the opportunity to play for a club like Avenida. I know this club, since I was in Girona, its winning tradition, how they play as a team, how they fight for every ball, every possession, their hard work in recent years. I am excited to be here. If something has to stand out about itself, the Slovenian international is not sure, “I could not just take one thing from my game. I do whatever it takes for my team, some days it will be scoring, others defending, others rebounding… I am an all-terrain player who will help her team to be better ”. Of course, same conditions, but some improvement with the Evans that we saw a few seasons ago in Spain, “I’m smarter on the track. The more you play basketball, the smarter you play. I’m definitely smarter than when I played in Girona: I shoot better, drive better and have more confidence on the court, ”he acknowledged. She has already been “suffering” from the Azulona preseason for several weeks, but she had come prepared: “I knew before coming that I was going to have to work hard, I was ready for it and as a player you want that, to play to improve every year. I have a great coach in that aspect and I am happy about it ”. As an expert player, Shante recognized the importance of a large squad, “it is very important for the team to have so many good inside players, especially with two such tough games a week. It’s good to have big names to rotate because it’s a very long season. ” And the fact is that the Euroleague gives a bonus to anyone, “it is exciting to play against the best players, it is the most fun of all. We are here to play basketball, so playing two games a week is fun, “he said.

Given this self-perception, Roberto Íñiguez had little to add about the player, “she has defined herself perfectly and I can only reaffirm it: she is a player capable of doing many things and contributing many things to the team, for herself or for others.” The coach stressed that “we are very happy that she is here, she is training very well and adapting to the demands we want to have and I think she will be a very important player in the group.” Specifically, Shante covers a need that the team had, “I think he is going to give us a lot of aggressiveness in the offensive rebound, which for me is very important, we improve with Shante because he has a rebound instinct. Then each player must earn their minutes on the court ”, concluded the coach.