DGiorgi Shermadini’s points at 0″6, center for Lenovo Tenerife and ex-MoraBanc Andorra, sends the Principality club to Leb Oro. The Georgian ‘center’ scored the two decisive points for the Tenerife victory by 75-77. Those led by Txus Vidorreta, who was not on the bench due to suspension, defeated those led by Óscar Quintana and after eight seasons in the Endesa League, the Andorrans consummated their relegation to the second division of Spanish basketball.

The Lenovo Tenerife had a better staging at triple blow. Txus Vidorreta’s men scored 7 of 12 three-pointers in the first ten minutes with three from Sasu Salin and also three from ex-MoraBanc, Dejan Todorovic and one from Aaron Doornkemap. The starting quarter went from 2 to 9 for Tenerife in just two minutes. Óscar Quintana’s men couldn’t find a way to stop this success and they had to chip away at in defense and in attack they resisted thanks to the success of ‘Drew’ Crawford (8 points). At the end of the first quarter, 19 to 24 in favor of the team led by Marco Justo due to the penalty of one match against Txus Vidorreta. The success from the line of 6.75 served to fuel their confidence.

In the following 10 minutes, the solidity and also the clearer ideas of the visitors prevailed. The mistake in attack persecuted those of Óscar Quintana. The distances increased to nine points with 19 to 28. The Brazilian point guard Marcelinho Huertas clearly saw all the plays of his team and once again gave a master class from the direction of the game.

The tireless international of the ‘canarinha’ connected perfectly with his favorite ‘partner’, Giorgi Shermadini. The visitors easily saw the hoop and just the opposite was MoraBanc. A partial from 2 to 9 placed the maximum difference with +13 (28 to 41) with four consecutive points from Fitipaldo and a triple from Tobias Borg. At the break, anxiety overcame the Principality team.

After the break, Lenovo Tenerife continued to dominate their rival and MoraBanc managed to get within eight points with a triple by Clevin Hannah and the points by Codi Miller-McIntyre, 11 in this quarter, placed the 40 to 48. If in the first Marco Justo’s men had the success of Sasu Salin and Dejan Todorovic, in the third quarter it was Tobias Borg with two consecutive triples for the 41 to 54. On the Andorran side only Miller-McIntyre scored and Shermadini, another ex-MoraBanc, dominated in the paint.

Heart and courage led Óscar Quintana’s men to close the third quarter with a 53-58 score. A lot to say for the last quarter with the two points at the horn of ‘Drew’ Crawford.

MoraBanc grabbed the ACB League like a straw and got hooked on the game with a defense to the limit. At 5’52” he was within two points (59 to 61) with two points from Hannah who was beginning to take on responsibilities. Two free throws by Sasu Salin and a triple by Doornekamp woke up the Principality’s team from their sleep. Óscar Quintana did not stop believing and at 2’53” ‘Tunde’ missed an additional one that would have tied the game at 68.

At 1’42”, Conor Morgan put MoraBanc ahead and three free throws by Marcelinho Huertas put Lenovo Tenerife ahead again, 69-71. Miller-McIntyre equalized at 1’00”, but Marco Justo’s men looked for the Victory with a tap from Borg at 36″8. Tunde tied again (73 to 73). The Andorran executioner was Shermadini with four consecutive points. The last two at 0″6 to go.

The best of the Andorrans was Codi Miller-McIntyre with 23 points and a PIR of 25. The best of the visitors was Shermadini with 14 points, 4 rebounds and a PIR of 19.


75- MoraBanc Andorra (19+9+25+22): Hannah (7), Oriol Paulí (3), ‘Drew’ Crawford (10), Nacho Llovet (5) and ‘Tunde’ (14) -starting quintet-; Miller-McIntyre (23), Víctor Arteaga (2), TJ Cline (5), Jelínek (2), Franke (2) and Conor Morgan (2).

77- Lenovo Tenerife (24+17+17+19): Marcelinho Huertas (7), Sasu Salin (14), Dejan Todorovic (12), Doornekamp (6) and Shermadini (14) -starting quintet-; Fitipaldo (4), Borg (11), Fran Guerra (2), Sergio Rodríguez (1) and Wiltjer (6).

Referees: Benjamín Jímenez, Martín Caballero and ‘Juande’ Oyón. Without eliminated.

Incidents: Match corresponding to day 34 at the Andorra Sports Center with 5,000 spectators.

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