ANDhe Gran Canaria Basketball Club surprised a lukewarm Valencia on the island with a resounding victory (89-83) that placed them back in the play-off zone thanks to the victory, in parallel, of Joventut de Badalona against UCAM Murcia.

Data sheet

  • 89. CB Gran Canaria (31+18+28+12): Albicy (4), Brussino (5), Slaughter (7), Shurna (29) and Balcerowski (9) -initial team-; Pustovyi (8), K. Diop (13), Stevic (-), Chery (8), Salvó (-) and Ennis (6).
  • 83. Valencia Basket (23+24+12+24): Puerta (-), Pradilla (10), Van Rossom (3), Dubljevic (6) and Hanlan (16) -initial team-; Ferrando (3), Tobey (8), Dimitrijevic (12), Claver (12), Aróstegui (6), Rivero (-) and Labeyrie (7)

The exhibition of the North American Johan Shurna (29 points), combined with Diop’s athletic ability in the area (13 points in a single quarter) allowed to stop the versatility of players like Hanlan (16 points) and Dimitrijevic (another 12 and 6 assists) .

In just one minute of play, the American John Shurna established the first differences with a triple and a consecutive 2+1 (6-0) that warned a Levantine team that was still lukewarm at the start.

Only one basket by Pradilla and another by Dubljevic broke the bad start for Taronja, marked by two lost possessions after rushing the 24 seconds in attack and with no hint of success in the triple (12-4).

Halfway through the first quarter, Valencia’s performance on the perimeter improved, but Shurna -17 points in the first quarter- and Balcerowski continued to put land in between, adding Chery to the task from the outside (31-19), until two consecutive baskets by López-Aróstegui stopped the spill (31-23).

As soon as the second round began, Labeyrie continued Aróstegui’s points with a triple with an additional free throw that allowed spills to drop from twelve to four points (31-27). Ennis’ wrist and Pustovyi’s size in the paint once again gave ‘Granca’ oxygen (41-29) although Tobey and Claver’s triples revived Valencia (41-40).

Hanlan’s versatility -seven almost consecutive points- jumped to the fore in the closing stages of the first half, thus deactivating the push of the Polish duo Balcerowski-Slaughter to balance the balance in the electronic (47-47), although one last Albicy’s pat on the board made it possible for the Claretians to continue in the vanguard before heading to the locker room tunnel (49-47).

After the restart, the yellow coach Porfi Fisac ??brought Khalifa Diop out on the field, the Senegalese enjoying his first minutes in the match, a factor that Shurna took advantage of to regain space and bring out his gunpowder with new medium-distance shots ( 63-55).

The success from the line of three -60% effectiveness so far- seemed to be the main balm of Joan Peñarroya’s pupils. However, Diop -13 points in 10 minutes- began to settle his habitat under the boards, leading to a new short circuit in the Valencian team (77-57).

Already in the final assault, Peñarroya increased the intensity and burned all his cartridges to seek a comeback, with Dimitrijevic and Pradilla redoubling their efforts in the paint (86-73) with less than 4:30 to go.

Given this situation, the island team temporized in attack, lengthened the possessions and brought out the statistics of players like Slaughter and Albicy, who took center stage in the yellow direction, keeping the differences above ten while the seconds and possessions passed. , until a three-pointer by Ferrando at 2:26 for the outcome aroused the alarms and the consequent dead time by Fisac ??(89-79).

From then on, the errors in both hoops multiplied, although Hanlan managed to scratch points from the free throw line (89-83) to force a new tactical stop, this time by Peñarroya with 50 seconds to go.

But Hanlan’s subsequent shot bounced off the rim, leaving a soothing victory for Gran Canaria, who got back into second-phase positions, while Valencia complicated third place with this defeat.