The fight for the LF Endesa title is about to begin. Würzburg and La Fonteta will host a vibrant tie in which the seniority of two key players, Silvia Dominguez (Perfumerías Avenida) and Laura Gil (Valencia Basket) will be an aspect that will determine the balance between one of the two applicants.

Both have extensive experience in the league and in international championships with the Spanish team and are the most successful of their respective squads. Domínguez will look for his sixth titleor national, while Gil will try to rob his former team of his fifth league trophy.

The Azulona base will continue to exercise its leadership role in an Avenida Perfumerías in which only Leo Rodriguez you know what it’s like to participate in a final. The Gran Canaria escort will play the fifth of her career and will try to repeat the achievement of the 15/16 course, in which she was proclaimed champion by the Salamanca team and under the direction of Domínguez.

The Taronja pivot will have an identical mission in his team. He will lead an inside game made up of Raquel Carrera, Celeste Trahan-Davis and Marie Gülich, which opens in a final of the LF Endesa. Will share homework with Queralt Casas, who lifted the trophy in the 13/14 campaign from Rivas. Precisely, the taronja rose to Perfumerías Avenida and took the title away from his now partner Maria Pina, who at that time was a member of the Salamanca team and who had just won the league the previous year.

Some leading players like Cristina Ouviña, who comes from winning the MVP of the first leg of the semifinals, plays his first final in Spain after several seasons fighting for foreign league titles. The natural base of Zaragoza will fight for his first title but his career allows him to have enough veteran to face the challenge.

A similar case is that of his partner Anna gomez that after 15 campaigns in the Women’s League, she faces the first final of her career. With 9 seasons behind her, the azulona Andrea Vilaró He will also live his first league final, as well as Umi Diallo that despite his youth, he is living his fifth year in the competition and until now, he has played his second Playoffs.

Other young women like Maite Cazorla, Leticia Romero and Raquel Carrera, who are serving their second season at LF Endesa, have already sneaked into the fight for the title and also, with a leading role in the case of Cazorla, who averages 23 minutes of play at Perfumerías Avenida. Similar to the time Carrera and Romero spend on the track.

In Valencia Basket, Celeste Trahan-Davis, Marie Gülich, Laura Juskaite and Rebecca Allen dispute their first campaign in Spain, as well as Katie Lou Samuelson and Bella Allarie at the Perfumerías Avenida. Their lack of experience in the league has been made up for by the quality and decisiveness they are for their teams.

Emese Hof, Tiffany Hayes and Karlie Samuelson They will have the opportunity to live their first final after last year, in their first year in Salamanca, the covid-19 prevented them from playing the Playoffs. The same happened to Nikolina Milic, that she was enrolled in the ranks of the Lointek Gernika.

With this, both teams arrive with a similar experience in their squads despite the difference between the two clubs in terms of participation in finals. Valencia Basket lives its first experience, while Perfumerías Avenida will compete for the fifteenth consecutive time. Despite this, the leadership of both Gil and Domínguez will be essential but so will many other factors that can determine the balance during the tie.