Silvia Dominguez has reached the exceptional number of 200 caps with the Spanish National Team. She is the fifteenth player in the history of Spanish basketball to reach this number, leaving her name written along with other legends such as Laia Palau, Amaya Valdemoro, Juan Carlos Navarro, Epi, Rudy Fernández, Pau Gasol or Elisa Aguilar.

Likewise, Domínguez is the ninth player of the Absolute Femaleto which this number of matches is added and at present, it is the active component that has worn the Spain shirt the most times.

His debut was in 2006, in a friendly tournament in Aljaraque (Huelva) prior to the World Cup in Brazil. In that tournament he would live his first official match against Korea with a first official statistic in which he added 5 points.

Since then, his personal stat has risen to 796 points, 304 rebounds and 348 assists which place her as the third best passer in the history of the Women’s National Team behind Laia Palau (838) and Alba Torrens (352).

After a long career in training categories and three medals, two silvers in U18F and in U20F, Domínguez landed in the Absolute to collect a total of 8 medals so far. Domínguez has been crowned European Champion three times (2011, 2017 and 2019), has two silver medals from the unforgettable Rio 2016 Games and the 2011 World Cup, as well as three bronzes (Tenerife World Cup 2018 , European Championship of Hungary and Romania 2015 and European Championship of Latvia 2009).

His journey to achieve such success and reach the captaincy of La Familia has not been easy. The Catalan point guard had to fight for his place and experienced on several occasions what it means to be left out of the 12. In 2008 and 2010 Domínguez did not participate in official competition, but as of 2013 he has become a more than indispensable piece of this selection.

Due to his captaincy and his experience, the Catalan base will be essential for this stage in which the National Team is moving towards the future. Thus, on the horizon of this incredible trajectory, new challenges await, just as exciting as the previous achievements.

The club of 200 caps

314, Laia Palau
258, Amaya Valdemoro
253, Marina Ferragut and Juan Carlos Navarro
252, Betty Cebrian
244, Lucy Easter
239, Epi
236, Felipe Reyes

233, Rudy Fernandez

222, Elisa Aguilar
222, Nino Buscató
216, Pau Gasol
204, Ana Belen Alvaro
202, Carolina Mujica
200 Silvia Dominguez