Silvia Dominguez she already serves as captain of the Women’s National Team. A role with which she debuted in the first qualifying window for the Women’s EuroBasket 2023. “I want to be the captain that I have always liked being with me. I try to empathize from the most important player to the last person on the staff. It is the way to create the family that we are”, Highlights the base.

Domínguez, who debuted as an absolute international in 2006 and has 197 caps, defines his philosophy as follows: “I am a rational person who likes that leadership, something that I have already been doing in my club (Perfumerías Avenida) for many years. My role is to help everyone, to know how to see the faces of your teammates when a training session or a match ends: to know who is good or bad, to recognize who you have to go to cheer them on.”.

Silvia is also clear about the legacy that she would like to leave during her time as captain of a Women’s National Team with which she has won eight medals: “I am the most veteran and I take many years out of the occasional player. When I am here and you think of me as captain, I would like you to remember me as someone who helped you enter and feel comfortable in the National Team”.

After a player with the trajectory of Laia Palau, the relief as captain becomes quite difficult. She believed I could be that relay: ‘She told me to be myself”, Explains the new captain of the National Team about her predecessor. Two legends of our basketball.