“There is nothing that has made me happier than being a mother”. Silvia Domínguez had her son in 2015, just three months before playing the EuroBasket in Budapest, where the National Team won the Bronze medal: “We wanted to be mothers and we decided to start the process. The fact that I did not go through the pregnancy made it different because I did not have to stop my sports career, but then I did see that it affected me in many things”.

“There comes a time when I myself am not the priority in my life. There is another. There is a responsibility ”. The change of priorities in his life taught him to relativize. “I have always thought about everything a lot and from then on there was something more important in my life, which I needed regardless of whether the day had gone well or badly or whether I had won or lost a game”.

The key, and the most difficult, is to find the balance between personal and professional life. “Prioritizing something else has sometimes made me lose focus at the sporting level and even think that, perhaps, my best years as a player have passed. My day-to-day factors are not the same, I do not have the same routine, nor my hours of rest, nor the same tools “.

Nothing is further from reality. Since Silvia Domínguez has been a mother, she has not gotten off the podium with the National Team: Bronze in the 2015 European Championship, Silver in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, Gold in the 2017 European Championship, Bronze in the 2018 World Cup and Gold in the EuroBasket 2019. With Perfumerías Avenida she has been champion of the Endesa Women’s League four more times.

Silvia says that in these years she has lost many moments with her son “Because our weeks are not all the same, we travel a lot, and that forces me to constantly adapt and at the same time make my son understand that my life is like this”. Therefore, he says, “It is very important to be helped by psychologists and by the people around you, because it is impossible to reach everything and control everything”.

Like all challenges, there are tough moments that always find their reward: “The most satisfying thing is to celebrate with him every success and the pride he feels that his mother is a basketball player”. What’s more, “All the values ??that sport gives me, of sacrifice and dedication, I can transmit them while I am active”.

An example of struggle with which Silvia Domínguez’s son is growing up and that he is already beginning to understand because, at just five years old, he already says: “If I try hard, I get it”.