“There are not so many players who have reached this figure, it is still a fact but I have been with you for many years, I have had the feeling of having a secondary role but at the same time an important one and within that I have felt comfortable”the captain commented.

Domínguez defines that until recently she was a player to come off the bench with the aim of “Bring a different rhythm to the team by being a different point guard than Elisa Aguilar at the time or Laia Palau in recent years.”

His debut was in 2006 in a friendly tournament in Aljaraque, a moment that Domínguez has etched in his mind because he was able to share that moment with his family. Another day to mark his career with the National Team was the day he learned that he would be on the final list of the 12 that played in the World Cup that year.

“I cried a lot, I knew that I had sacrificed a lot, I also thought that it was a bit big for me because I was joining a group of players with a lot of experience who were legends for me.s,” he added.

Among her 8 medals, the player remembers with special affection the three European gold medals. The first in 2011 for the way they beat France at home. And those of 2017 and 2019 because the National Team “overwhelmed”. In her retina is also, how could it be otherwise, the Rio 2016 Olympic silver medal.

I would like to be remembered as an example both on and off the track, no matter how many times you have been on the podium, I think there is no greater pride that they remember you as someone in whom they want to see themselves reflected.or”, he finished.