ANDhe UCAM Murcia is completing a fantastic start to the season. Murcia are third in the ACB leaving a good game and fighting to play the Copa del Rey in February. His trainer, Sito Alonso, went through the microphones of Radio MARCA to analyze the keys to the good times at UCAM.

Team moment

“It is exciting to find yourself at the top of the table because there is a lot left but it is already 9 days. What interests us most is that people recognize us when we play and see that we are competitive and at the moment we are achieving it and we can still improve more “.

The basketball that UCAM does is fun and you have to give it value, what happens is that the other is there

Sito Alonso, UCAM Murcia coach

Project continuity

“It is important always that you bet on the continuity of players and coaches. Last year the team did very well except for the fateful days of the pandemic and this course is a continuity of that work. The two pieces that have been incorporated give us freshness and stability “.

Copa del Rey?

“You have to go step by step and calmly, but it is good to talk about it because it means that something good has been done. Last year there was also talk of getting into the glass although materializing it is not easy. It is not necessary to remove the illusion of the people “.

Hardest season

“I do believe it because all the teams have strengthened in an incredible way and the most benefited are the fans because equality is incredible and there is a lot of spectacle every game.”

Recognition as a coach

“I feel very recognized by the people close to me. I felt very recognized the year I arrived in Murcia and we managed to save ourselves, but not only because of the goal but because of how it was done, scoring 100 points in many games, discovering a new Booker … I did have the feeling that the following year we were wrong with the pieces we put in. Last year I am super proud of what we did, for bringing a new player to the league like Frankamp or the return of Lima and Radovic , but it is true that this continuity reflects a good work by everyone, not only by the coach, who is undoubtedly the most beautiful profession. Who was going to tell me that I would complete my fourth season in Murcia because we did not have a very good relationship and now we are inseparable personally and professionally “.

Too much importance has been given to the figure of Sadiel Rojas. People here love him very much. Those who rule do speak of respect towards us

Sito Alonso, in ‘We Like the Baslet’

Does it hurt to talk about unsportsmanlike equipment?

“I am not a judge to speak of justice or injustice, but I do understand that people sometimes have an opinion that is based on facts and many times we want to change people’s personalities. I think that too much importance has been given to the figure of Sadiel, who can sometimes be a little pointed, But it is enough to look back at players who have been in many teams and who have had that little label of being a little more intense and tough than normal. People love him, many coaches have gone through and he is always here so then it won’t be so bad. “

Fear that an Anti Ucam Murcia current will be established?

“I get carried away by what the club tells meThe ruling classes do speak of respect for us. I understand that teams often have labels, there have been great NBA teams that were a lot of fun, but nobody wanted to face them, sometimes you have to stand out. CI think that the basketball that UCAM practices is fun and you have to give it value, what happens is that the other is there. Let them talk about you always. Sometimes it makes me funny that they say that we are a physical team watching players like Frankamp or Di Leo last year. “

Cup and Playoff dreams

“Everything that is good for the club I sign, but above all that everyone who surrounds the club has a reward and can enjoy a year of something important because there is a lot of work behind it and the people of the club deserve to be happy.”