ANDThe second stage of Neven Spahija has started in Vitoria. Bitci Baskonia presented the Croatian coach on Tuesday, who just without time to land will have to lead this afternoon’s game against Red Star. The coach has assured that when he was not renewed in 2008 after winning the ACB League, he left “the door open with the idea of ??returning one day.”

“I am very happy to coach a big team. It was a quick decision,” said Spahija, who had been without a team since April. “I am very happy to be here and I want to change something,” said the coach, who will first have to work on the psychological aspect to lift the spirits of some touched players: “I want to support them and tell them that they are talented and capable players. It’s a difficult situation, but I think we can do better, but I can’t do it alone. This is a club and coaching job. We need to come together and fight. “

The Croatian coach, hired until the end of the season, also asked for some time, because “you cannot do things without patience, although patience is not forever.” In addition, he assures that he is “a much better person and coach, although that does not guarantee anything.”

Regarding his style, he acknowledged that, like basketball in general, it has changed since he left Baskonia 13 years ago. “You don’t train like before, you don’t play like before and the systems are different,” explained the coach, whose philosophy is “to play on the open court.”