Spain it is second in both the men’s and women’s rankings, after the points obtained at the Tokyo Olympics. Single USA surpasses the Spanish teams, with the female team ahead of Australia consolidating itself as the best European ahead of France (5th), Belgium (6th) and Serbia (9th).

Seventh place at the EuroBasket in Valencia and sixth at the Tokyo Games places the Women’s National Team in that second place with a total of 685.1 points. Behind are Australia (677.0) and Canada (659.5) which was won in the first phase of the Olympic event.

Other teams that are climbing positions are China (7th place) and Japan (8th) certifying the good moment of Asian basketball. The classification system computes the results of two Olympic cycles, from 2013 to 2021, not counting the year 2020 that had no competition.


1. United States (829.3)
2. Spain (685.1)
3. Australia (677.0)
4. Canada (659.5)
5. France (645.8)
6. Belgium (642.3
7. China (606.3)
8. Japan (600.7)
9. Serbia (588.1)
10. Turkey (587.2)