Powerful teams such as Serbia, Turkey, Russia or France have had to wait until the last window … and Lithuania still does not have it, which is playing its options in a head-to-head duel against Denmark. Who will surely not be there will be the Latvia Porzingis or the selection of Montenegro by Vucevic or Dubjevic.

The list of the 22 qualified teams is completed by the four hosts (Czech Republic, Georgia, Germany and Italy), to which are added Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, France, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Holland, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey and Ukraine.

In Group A Spain, Israel and Poland left Romania out. In Group B Italy and Russia already have the passports and the surprising Estonia has everything to face to win the third place to Macedonia, semifinalist in 2011. In Group C the other place is at stake. Belgium and the Czech Republic have already done their homework and Lithuania faces an all-or-nothing match against Denmark, who already beat the Lithuanians in Vilnius (76-80) with a huge Gabriel Lundberg.

And the rest of the groups are already decided in the absence of the last day. Croatia, the Netherlands and Turkey dominated Group D, leaving Sweden out, although the Ottomans had to suffer to qualify with just two wins. In Group E Georgia, Serbia and Finland did not have too much trouble eliminating Switzerland. In Group F Slovenia, Ukraine and Hungary left Austria out.

More complicated was Group G. The victory of France on Saturday against Montenegro (71-73) and that of Great Britain against Germany (81-83) caused the elimination of the Balkans, who can end the window with three wins. Lastly, in Group H Bulgaria gave the surprise by eliminating Latvia, with Bosnia and Greece classified from the previous window.

Via Feb.es