The FIBA ??has updated its rankings after the dispute of the last days of the qualifying phase for Eurobasket 2021. There are no special news regarding the Top 10: in the world ranking, the United States, Australia and Spain continue to dominate the three first positions; and in Europe, Spain remains the leading power, ahead of France, Belgium, Turkey and Serbia.

Due to the suspension of the competitions in December, the FIBA ??has applied an adjustment in the algorithm that calculates the rankings, extending the expiration date of the previous results, so that the classification does not stop contemplating the results of the last two editions of the Olympic Games.

Spain has not undergone calculations, since it has not participated in the last ‘windows’ due to its condition – like France – as a co-organizing country of Eurobasket 2021.



1 United States 832.9
2 Australia 714.5
3 SPAIN 690.5
4 Canada 649.3
5 France 639.4


1 SPAIN 690.5
2 France 639.4
3 Belgium 607.1
4 Turkey 593.8
5 Serbia 585.0