Less than 40 points are those that separate Spain from the United States at the top of the world men’s ranking that FIBA ??has updated after the November Windows dispute, with which the 2020 National Teams calendar has been closed. , the National Team is once again consolidated as the second great power in world basketball, and first in Europe.

In the last update of the ranking, after the Olympic Games, the United States surpassed Spain by 42.8 points; now it does it for 39.2.

In these Windows, Spain won its two qualifying games for the 2023 World Cup – North Macedonia and Georgia – while the United States beat Cuba but fell to Mexico.

The podium is for United States, Spain and Australia.

In the Top 10 of the ranking there are 7 European countries. After Spain are Slovenia, France, Serbia, Lithuania, Italy and Greece.

FIBA Men’s World Ranking

1. USA (763.3)
2. Spain (724.1)
3. Australia (690.7)
Four. Slovenia (676.3)
5. France (671.9)
6. Serbia (664.6)
7. Argentina (656.6)
8. Lithuania (649.5)
9. Italy (646.9)
10. Greece (641.0)

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