Spain faces the last day of the group stage in Tokyo 2020 with the certainty of having guaranteed qualification for the quarterfinals of the Olympic tournament. Despite this, the Women’s National Team wants to prolong its good moment and finish undefeated. To do this, it must overtake Canada from 3:00 in the morning (2:00 in the Canary Islands) from Saturday, July 31 to Sunday, August 1. A match that can be seen live on RTVE and Eurosport.

After beating Korea and Serbia, Spain comes in with strengthened morale. A win against Canada would make him finish as the first in Group A and, therefore, be part of the hype of seeds of the quarterfinal draw that will take place once the Australia-Puerto Rico concludes on Monday, August 2. The match that will put the end to the initial phase in the women’s tournament will begin at 2:00 p.m. peninsular on Monday 2.

The hype of the seeds is made up of the first three in the group and the best of the second classified. The other two runners-up and the two best third-parties will make up the second pot of a draw that has two restrictions. The teams that have met in the first phase will not play each other in the quarterfinals. In addition, the second best classified will not be able to face the two best third parties, so they must be measured with one of the other two seconds.

Once the rules have been explained, in the event that the Women’s National Team falls with Canada, it would be necessary to resort to the calculator to determine the final position of Lucas Mondelo’s team in Group A. The accounts are as follows:

If Spain beats Canada:

  • The Women’s National Team will be first in Group A, regardless of the result of Korea-Serbia

If Spain loses to Canada:

  • The Women’s National Team will be the first in Group A if it loses by 9 or less points and Serbia beats Korea
  • The Women’s National Team will be second in Group A if Korea beat Serbia
  • The Women’s National Team will be second in Group A if it loses by between 10 and 26 points and Serbia beats Korea. In the event that Spain lost just 26 points to Canada, Spain should score at least 58 points to be second in the group. Otherwise, they would finish third in Group A. *
  • The Women’s National Team will be third in Group A if they lose by 27 or more points and Serbia beat Korea

* It could be the case that Serbia beat Korea and Spain fall by 26 points scoring 57 points against Canada. In that case, the tiebreaker between Spain and Serbia to be second or third in the group would be resolved in favor of the team with the best point difference on aggregate in Group A (including the games against Korea).

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