Spain, one step away from the U17 World Cup

8/13/2021 – 8:19 PM

The U16F has beaten Lithuania (108-30) with a resounding victory that keeps them in the first place of the group and therefore, in positions to qualify for the U17 World Cup in 2022. Tomorrow, key appointment against Hungary (20 : 30, via Youtube).
28-8 | 30-2 | 38-6 | 12-14See the full statistic Rooms
Spain 108 30 Lithuania Outcome
Awa Fam 19 10 Sintija Aukštikalnyt? Max. Annotators
Awa Fam 9 9 Austeja Babraitis Max. Rebounders

The Spanish U16 women’s team has added the fourth victory in its San Fernando Challenger. The players have enjoyed a very aggressive game on the court and have transferred the good vibes to the island stands, which once again have shown their commitment and their desire to experience live basketball.

With this victory, the National Team remains in the first place in the group that grants the classification to the World Cup. Tomorrow, Spain will play the leadership of the group against Hungary (20:30) and will confirm its presence in the next world event. For the good work throughout the tournament, Cristina Cantero’s team depends on itself to achieve the goal.

This U16F only understands one way to start the games: to the top. Awa Fam started on the right track, scoring nine points in the first five minutes she was on the track. Together with the points of Iyana Martín and the good start of Ariadna Termis, Spain caught on a great partial of 21-4 that put the victory on track from very early. A penetration by Paula Tirado on the horn made it 28-8 to close the first period.

In the second quarter, the team did not lower the demand. A good defense allowed to continue stealing balls and play the counterattack. The talent to finish in the 1×1 of the Spanish lengthened the income (38-10). With a good quarter-final from the national team, the break came at 58-10.

After the break, the team remained true to its style. Cristina Cantero took advantage of the marker’s advantage to rotate the bench a lot and try different game proposals. Sharing a lot the ball and the points, Spain continued to be solid and having fun on the court.

Match MVP

Iyana Martin
26 Val.
9 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists and 5 steals have been the numbers that lead Iyana Martín to the best rated of the match. It is followed by Awa Fam (25) and Laia Conesa (22).

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