After the nerves of the debut in the ‘cheat’ match against Korea, the Lucas Mondelo They played a brilliant game against Serbia and another very serious one this morning against Canada. With the score controlled at all times, Spain exudes confidence in its game and minimizes the talent of its rivals. With fewer needs than rivals, the team was led by players like Astou Ndour. Cristina Ouviña and Laura Gil.

Ouviña He started the game as he finished the other day against Serbia. 2 + 1 and very focused on the meeting. 0-5 of partial against a Canada that always seems to have a better squad than the results obtained. The game was fast, with short possessions and few interruptions, with Spain dominating the scoreboard with slight advantages. Astou Ndour Y Laura Gil they did damage to the paint, with Lucas Mondelo rotating more players than in the previous match. Queralt Casas contributed from the bench and Spain got 10 points ahead of a Canada that held out thanks to the quality of Nirra Fields (13-23).

The game was going through the best possible script, that of a comfortable victory that would ensure first place, but some Games always have an extra complication. The second quarter was not so fluid, it was not scored so easily and Canada approached (23-27 min 15) causing the timeout of Lucas Mondelo. The Spanish coach adjusted some aspects in defense, but Canada held on to the match, at the cost of accumulating personal fouls. 34-40 and a +6 that seemed little for the impression of what was seen on the court.

The third quarter began with a slate play topped by Ndour, followed by a good defense and a good action from Gil, who returned the 10-point lead in 30 seconds (34-44). The American reaction was nothing, and Spain was taking the favorite poster accelerating at specific times. With Ouviña in a state of grace, those of Mondelo made the ‘rubber’ between 15 and 20 points. The players who stood out on Thursday (Alba, Cazorla…) were taken over by others such as Laura Gil or Queralt Casas. The 20-point lead stayed at 13 at the end of the third quarter (47-60).

Canada tried to draw their last card at the start of the fourth quarter. A partial 9-2 narrowed the result (56-62) with more speed in attack and more errors in the shot of the Spanish. A triple of Sunrise He returned tranquility (56-65) in the absence of five minutes. Without breaking the game, control was Spanish. Canada fought every ball to have a better average and seek a place in the quarterfinals as one of the best third parties. Spain is already waiting for the next appointment.