FIBA announced this Friday the different pots for the Eurobasket 2022 draw. Spain will be one of the four seeds together with Serbia, Greece and France. The Men’s National Team, second in the FIBA ??World Rankings behind the United States, accumulates six consecutive podiums in the Eurobasket. In the last edition, held in 2017, he won the bronze medal after defeating Russia (93-85) in Juan Carlos Navarro’s last match as an international.

The Eurobasket 2022 draw will be held at 1:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 29 at the Verti Music Hall in Berlin and it can be followed live on the FIBA ??YouTube channel. Germany is one of four organizers of a tournament that is also hosted by the Czech Republic, Georgia and Italy. The final phase of the championship will be held in Berlin.

Eurobasket 2022 will feature four groups of six teams that will be played in Cologne, Milan, Tbilisi and Prague. The four highest ranked teams in each group will go to the knockout stages.

So are the draw drums

  • Pot 1: Spain, Serbia, Greece and France
  • Pot 2: Lithuania, Russia, Italy and the Czech Republic
  • Pot 3: Poland, Croatia, Turkey and Slovenia
  • Pot 4: Germany, Ukraine, Finland and Georgia
  • Pot 5: Belgium, Hungary, Israel and Great Britain
  • Pot 6: Bosnia, Netherlands, Estonia and Bulgaria