With the United States practically unattainable, Spain ends one more year as the second world power in the official FIBA ??ranking, updated after the dispute of the last Windows, which have closed the 2021 calendar of National Team competitions.

The Women’s National Team has regained second place, which Australia had snatched from it in March. After the Olympic Games and the Windows, Spain is again second in the world and first in the European ranking, ahead of France, Belgium, Turkey and Serbia.

Unlike the men’s ranking, the Top 10 for women include, in addition to the United States, Australia and Canada, two Asian countries -China and Japan- and only five Europeans.

FIBA Women’s World Ranking

1. USA (829.3)
2. SPAIN (685.8)
3. Australia (676.8)
Four. Canada (659.5)
5. France (645.3)
6. Belgium (642.4)
7. China (618.2)
8. Japan (611.4)
9. Turkey (590.6)
10. Serbia (589.9)

Via Feb.es