The first victory could not come. France was superior to a Spain that forgot in part the result to look for competition minutes and adjust game automation for the EuroBasket 2021 that will start on June 17. Spain has gone from less to more, being able to put one more march in defense. Y Lucas Mondelo wanted to give the young women minutes, with 31 minutes to Rachel Carrera, 21 for Nogaye Lo and 20 for Maite Cazorla.

The first quarter started with a quintet made up of Palau, Ouviña, Torrens, Abalde and Carrera. Lucas’s confidence in the youngest of the group, who was the one who opened the Spanish scoreboard in his first international match. It was the first test of a very long summer, and none of the coaches were in a rush to see their team at 100%. The output of Maite Cazorla He gave the team another breath and scored four points late in the first quarter to close it out at 10-17, with France more intense with Marianne Johannes doing damage.

France wanted to please the Gymnase Caffarel public, with distance and security measures, despite not having Sandrine Gruda. Olivia epoupa He was martyrdom on defense, and he stole a ball to score easy and make it 22-31. The Valencian ‘combo’ Ouviña-Casas He took responsibility in attack, but the few days of preparation and a lack of success from three times (0 out of 6) was noticeable. However, the scoreboard (26-33) remained open for the second half.

Mondelo assures in a downtime that things were being done well, but always arriving a little late. The French were right on the triple, but the coach conveyed confidence. Leo entered the triple game, seconded by Silvia and the scoring rhythm rose slightly. Alexia charlereau stood out as the top scorer of the match, while Spain had no problem distributing shots with more players scoring (Nogaye Lo, Cristina Ouviña…). The third quarter ended with 8 points down (44-52)

The last quarter was coming and, despite the dominance of France, recent history was noticeable. There are three European finals lost to the galas against Lucas Mondelo’s team, and it showed in the confidence of the players. Alba Torrens placeholder image he scored two consecutive triples when the deficit was greater than ten points. The Mallorcan started an attempt at revolution, while Raquel Carrera dared to melee with Ciak but, again, errors in the step allowed easy baskets to France, which was able to maintain the advantage of the first quarter to finish with that 57- 66 for the finery in this beginning of a long journey.