The draw will be broadcast live on the FIBA Youtube next Friday, August 20 from 11:00. The 38 will be divided into 10 groups, and each team will play with the others in their group in home and away matches, following a system of all against all.

Eight of the groups will be made up of four teams each, while the remaining two, Group E and Group J, will include three teams each. Spain, as seeded, will be in a group with one team from each of pots 4, 5 and 8. The seeds of pot 2 will meet teams from pots 3, 6 and 7.

The drums are as follows:

Pot 1: Spain, France, Belgium, Serbia and Turkey
Pot 2: Belarus, Russia, Italy, Greece and Sweden
Pot 3: Montenegro, Great Britain, Czech Rep., Slovakia and Latvia
Pot 4: Slovenia, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary and Croatia
Pot 5: Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Bulgaria and Romania
Pot 6: Holland, Israel, Portugal, Luxembourg and Denmark
Pot 7: Switzerland, Ireland, Austria and Estonia
Pot 8: Finland, Iceland, North Macedonia and Albania

The 10 group winners and the best four seconds will qualify for the FIBA ??Women’s EuroBasket 2023. In case one or both hosts (Slovenia and Israel) finish among the 14 places that qualify for the event, then the next best team in second place will also qualify.

The Qualifiers will be played in three windows from November 11-14, 2021, November 24-27, 2022, and February 24-27, 2023.