He was not an easy opponent. Nigeria, qualified for the Games, has a very physical squad, which was a new litmus test for Spain in the filming phase. Suffered this time Raquel Carrera, but it appeared Laura Gil, very solid on both sides of the field. Y Alba Torrens, that he enjoys when he can run. Laia Palau he played his 300th game with the national team, writing new pages in the history of this mythical team.

Good feelings to start the Córdoba Tournament, where they have met another of the medal favorites for Valencia, a Belgium with which they will close this passage through the Andalusian city on Saturday (8:00 p.m.) in one more step in the preparation .

The game began with Laura Gil starting from the beginning, solved the physical problems that prevented her from playing in France last week. Spain began by scoring hand in hand with Alba Torrens, but a 0-8 of the Africans, very successful in the triple, caused the first time-out of Lucas Mondelo after three minutes of play. The coach wanted to stop the bad start as soon as possible. The second unit, with Queralt Casas, Leo Rodríguez and Paula Ginzo, was more incisive. The ball ran faster, the circulation was more fluid and Spain quickly regained ground to take the lead at the end of the first quarter (17-14).

The second quarter repeated the script. A 0-9 of the Nigerians in three minutes put the 17-23 and again Spain rowing against the current. You could see the lack of minutes of play with errors both in attack and defense. Alba Torrens placeholder image He pulled the car and five consecutive points of the Mallorcan put Spain ahead (30-29). The irregularity of the Spanish women had as a counterpart that they were able to recover what was lost in a short time. That competitive gene is in the team of Lucas Mondelo, and more with the support of the fans, who enjoyed a 36-29 at halftime.

The coach had used all twelve players in the first 20 minutes of play (they did not dress or Maria Count neither Maite Cazorla) so the goal of picking up the pace of competition was accomplished. Victory was not assured, although the Spanish defense worked and Nigeria scored with difficulty, with Nogaye Lo doing a great job behind. Again Alba Torrens placeholder image He shone in the open field and a basket of his full of class put the ten points difference for the first time (45-35). The game seemed controlled and it remained to be finished off in the last quarter.

Lucas tried small tactical variants in defense, although he kept the tension of his players. The game opened and the scoreboard advanced somewhat faster. Spain endured the fight for the rebound, which allowed it some counterattack in which Sunrise they liked to score some baskets that made the fans vibrate, who were able to occupy a third of the capacity of the Vista Alegre Pavilion.