Lto tension of a clash between Real Madrid and Barcelona it is felt in every second that the match lasts… and also in every detail that happens before and after it, as they demonstrated Pablo Laso and Sarunas Jasikevicius after the last Clásico played at the WiZink Center.

The frustrated comeback of the whites and some refereeing decisions in the final moments of the clash meant that sparks will fly when both coaches greet each other after the gameleaving one of the images of the match that did not go unnoticed by the teammates Movistar+.

Neither of the two coaches referred to the incident after the match, although both technicians did value the referee’s performance. “I don’t want to get in trouble with the referees. I’m always going to try to fight for my team and sometimes they ask me for techniques”, he assured Jasikevicius at a press conference.

For your part Paul Laso He assured that he was more angry with his players than with the referees, but he spoke of “specific decisions” that he should “to see again, but there has been some situation that could have hurt us”.