Spectacular presentation of the 2021 Men’s National Team this afternoon in Madrid. The players summoned by Sergio Scariolo to prepare for the Tokyo Olympic Games have appeared before the institutional representatives, the sponsors and the media in a ceremony held at the Endesa headquarters, in which a pleasant surprise was not lacking.

The players have been appearing in groups and five of them have answered brief questions from the host of the event, the journalist Rubén Martín. The first was Ricky Rubio, who commented that “despite the fact that we have just started training, this National Team always aspires to the maximum. It is a special tournament in which we aspire to the maximum ”.

For the captain, Rudy fernandez, “it is a real pride to be able to say that these are going to be my fifth Games. I have the same illusion as in 2004. I am privileged to have been able to live with stars and legends of Spanish sports. For me, now it is a pride to be able to have the captaincy after having been previously exercised by players like Felipe Reyes and Juan Carlos Navarro”.

Juancho Hernangómez has ensured that “not even in our best dreams could my brother Willy and I have imagined having been world champions. We have to keep learning from these players. You have to complete a great preparation, give it hard and, hopefully, be able to be in the fight for the medals at the Games”.

We are part of La Familia, of a team. Whatever happens during the season, we always want to get together and go back with the National Team“, has said Victor Claver.

The last player to speak was Pau Gasol, who has remarked that “Wearing this shirt is a source of pride and being part of this group is a pleasure. I have worked a lot in the distance and I am very happy to have this opportunity now. We set very ambitious goals”.

And the turn has come Sergio Scariolo. The coach explained that “it is very nice to have shared so many emotions and experiences with this National Team. Seeing players from so many different generations underscores that this process has been done well. It is very significant. I think we have gone in the right direction. We spend a lot of the forecasts. Our demand is to go out to compete and maintain our identity, which is to be a recognizable team ”.

The Captain of the Hobby

After the intervention of the five representatives of the players and the coach, the most pleasant and unexpected moment of the event has arrived: the presentation of the Captain of the Fans, the young Victor Molina, who has been presented as one of the heroes of basketball during the time of the pandemic. Victor is from Seville, he is 12 years old, and he went viral because his father appeared on Twitter last September, consoling him because he was the only boy in his school who wanted to play basketball. The great community of BasketLovers who love this sport reacted to that thread of support in droves, sending Victor thousands of messages in which they told him how basketball has improved their lives and encouraging him to persist in the practice of this sport. The avalanche of affection for his love of basketball has led Endesa BasketLover to choose Víctor as the Captain of the Fans for this summer.

Although it was a surprise for him, Victor has not been far from shy when he has been seen on stage. “This is a big surprise. I have no words”, He said excitedly, and logically he received the affection of all those present, before starring with Rudy in the photo of“ the two captains ”.

The 5 matches of the Tour

After that, a review has been made of the National Team’s preparation tour in the coming weeks. Preparation matches that will start on Saturday, July 3 at the Fonteta de Valencia in a confrontation against Iran. The journey will continue two days later at the WiZink Center in Madrid, again against the current runner-up in Asia-Oceania.

After these first two games, Spain will face a double duel with France: the first at the Martín Carpena in Malaga and the second in Paris. There will be two appointments shared with the Women’s National Team, which will also be in the middle of the preparation phase for the Games and will play two games against the French. Thus, both in Malaga and in Paris the Spain-France session will be double.

The Olympic Preparation Tour of the team led by Sergio Scariolo will culminate on July 18 in Las Vegas, where they will play a spectacular clash against the United States, a reissue of two of the last three Olympic finals.

The five preparation matches for the National Team can be followed live on Mediaset television channels.

Institutional closure

The event continued with a brief dialogue between the president of the FEB, Jorge Garbajosa, and the CEO of Endesa, Jose Bogas. Garbajosa has valued that “at Endesa we are at home. Now is the time to prepare well and resume the mechanisms of the team after a year without activity. Whether with a medal or not, surely on August 9 we will be proud of these players”. And Bogas has highlighted that, “We are delighted to host this presentation of the Selection here today. When we decided to sponsor basketball, we did so because of how these players represent the values ??of which we are proud. We will always be proud to sponsor this Selection and its values”.

The act was closed by the institutional interventions of the deputy mayor of Madrid, Begoña Villacís, and the president of the Higher Sports Council, Jose Manuel Franco. Villacís has assured that “This selection of legend is more than just the history of sports and basketball, it is the history of Spain. The Selection unites us and makes us feel proud. The Selection is an inspiration engine”. And Franco wanted to emphasize that “The Selection is made up of great people, great men committed to society. You give the best of your life in favor of Spanish sport. Whatever you do, you already have a lot for our sport and you will continue to do so. We cannot demand anything of you because you give it to us, you have given it to us and you continue to give it to us. Every day you stage the great family that you are in Spanish sports”.