ANDhe MoraBanc Andorra needed the victory, but also the defeat of Unicaja Málaga against Real Madrid and Herbalife Gran Canaria against Coosur Real Betis. Those of Ibon Navarro prevailed by 105 to 71, but the Canaries surpassed the Sevillians by 69 to 74 and those of Pablo Laso to those of Fotis Katsikaris by 90 to 96. The triple carom did not occur and those of the Principality finished in ninth position. The Canaries leave MoraBanc out of the ‘play-off’ and were not allowed to play in the quarterfinals of the Eurocup either.

The staging was better by the Acunsa GBC. Marcelo Nicola’s men took advantage of MoraBanc’s two-point starting 0 out of 10 to put the set from 6 to 11 in the first three minutes of the game.

Andorran points were two triples from Clevin Hannah. Jelínek’s entry was key for Ibon Navarro’s team. The Czech forward of MoraBanc added eight consecutive points to place the 19 to 16. A triple by Mikel Motos on the horn closed a first quarter with more hits of three than two. Those of Navarro finished with a 2 of 12 of 2 and a 5 of 8 in triples. Nicola’s with a 3 of 9 of 2 and a 4 of 6 in triples.

A 12-0 run by MoraBanc served to achieve the maximum difference for the locals with 43-32. Jelínek’s triples (he reached the break with 14 points and 4 of 6 in triples) and Hannah’s direction were key for this set that only Dino Radoncic broke with a 2 + 1. MoraBanc improved in attack and also in defensive strength. The Andorrans arrived at halftime with a 47-38 that brought tranquility, but the carom they needed was only fulfilled by Malaga.

In the resumption, MoraBanc was a cyclone in attack and also offered a show with a high-karat basketball. Acunsa GBC found no response to the absolute dominance of Ibon Navarro’s men, who managed to break the game with a partial of 22 to 8 and almost sentence him with 72 to 46. The triples of Kulvietis and those of Jelínek left Acunsa GBC very touched. Nicola’s men finished the third quarter with an adverse 77 to 50 and a MoraBanc pending the other results that began to accompany them, but there was still a quarter left.

In the last act, those of Ibon Navarro did not stop pressing the accelerator and the Acunsa GBC was unable to stop the success, especially in the triples (18 in total for those of the Principality). The maximum difference became 33 points with 100 to 66.

Data sheet:

105 – BC MoraBanc Andorra (19 + 28 + 30 + 28): Hannah (10), Senglin (11), Oriol Paulí (9), Bandja Sy (10) and Malik Dime (4) -the titular quintet-; Kulvietis (15), Jelínek (22), Parakhouski (9), Sergi García (10) and Guille Colom (5).

71 – Acunsa GBC (19 + 19 + 14 + 19): Faggiano (11), Dee (6), Pere Tomàs (7), Radoncic (7) and Viny Okouo (6) -the titular quintet-; Echenique (4), Mikel Motos (8), Jan Span (-), Carlson (9), Olaizola (2) and Magarity (11).

Referees: Jordi Aliaga, Martín Caballero and Carlos Merino. Without eliminated.

Incidents: Match of the 38th round of the Endesa League played at the Andorra Sports Center. 900 spectators.