ANDhe Surne Bilbao Basket maintained this Sunday the spectacular winning streak that it has chained in recent days, which is now seven consecutive, with a comeback against BAXI Manresa in Miribilla, by 89-82, in a match in which both teams confirmed his excellent game time.

It was a face-to-face clash that the Catalan team dominated during the first three quarters and in which a Surne Bilbao came from behind in the last, which also added its ninth victory in a row at the Bilbao Arena, where it knows nothing but to win since the fall of the last October 3, against FC Barcelona.

Within a group effort with many players deserving of a good grade, in ‘the men in black’ the Dominican center Ángel Delgado (13 points, 7 rebounds and a PIR of 18) and the Brazilian point guard Rafa Luz (11, 6 and 16) stood out. ), who is the one who illuminates those of Alex Mumbrú.

Although it is also worth assessing Ludde Hakanson (13), Andrew Goudelock (15), Gytis Masiulis (12) and Damien Inglis with the 2 + 1 that left seen to sentence the clash with less than a minute to go (89-80 ).

For Manresa, Chima Moneke (13, 10 and 26), Ismael Bako (12, 5 and 14) and Yankuba Sima (16) are spectacular at times. Although in the last quarter they couldn’t beat Delgado or Inglis.

Manresa got off to a better start, taking the lead 0-4 and 2-6 thanks to the power under Bako’s hoops. Bilbao Basket responded with Goudelock (7-6), Delgado and a triple by Masiulis that gave them a two-point lead (12-20).

It was the last advantage in the entire first half, since the clash, although even, was dominated on the scoreboard by the visiting team, which finished the first quarter, with Sima in a surprising figure, up four (20-24) and threatened to escape in the electronic, leaving eight points one minute before the break (30-38).

That’s where Hakanson emerged, who, after a shot missed by the omnipresent Moneke, scored six points almost in a row to, together with a 2+1 from Mustache, allowed his team to reach almost a tie halfway through the match (39-40).

In fact, the Basque team achieved it as soon as they returned from the locker room (40-40) thanks to a free kick as a result of a technique. Although it was an anecdote before the success in the third quarter in the trebles of the visitors, who had not scored any in the first 20 minutes and chained five almost in a row in the first bars of the continuation.

With this he threatened to escape a couple of times (40-50, 53-61) before reaching the end of the third quarter again with a very even score (64-67).

Bako increased his team’s lead to five (64-69) but a local 6-0 with a basket by Inglis, Delgado and Luz, turned a game that, from then on, always dominated Surne Bilbao. To the point that in the last seconds, since Sylvain Francisco made it 89-82, Manresa’s only concern was to maintain the particular difference between the two teams, after 87-79 in the first round at the Nou Congost.

Data sheet:

89 – Surne Bilbao Basket (20+19+25+25): Rafa Luz (11), Goudelock (15), Walker, Masiulis (12) and Delgado (13) -initial five-; Hakanson (13), Mustache (6), Reyes (5), Inglis (9), Withey (5) and Rousselle.

82 – Baxi Manresa (24+16+27+15): Dani Pérez (13), Thomasson (10), Valtonen (3), Maye (8) and Bako (12) -initial five-; Francisco (7), Rafa Martínez, Vaulet, Moneke (13), Sima (16) and Dani García.

Partials: 20-24, 19-16, 25-27 and 25-15.

Referees: Daniel Hierrezuelo, Vicente Bultó and Iyán González. Eliminated for fouls the visitor Sima (m.33).

Incidents: Matchday 21 of the Endesa League played in Miribilla before 5,000 spectators, the maximum allowed by health restrictions, which was 50 percent of the 10,000 that the Bilbao Arena can accommodate.