ANDl french international sylvain francis led this Saturday the spectacular comeback of BAXI Manresa at the Andorra Sports Center and gave his team victory against MoraBanc (79-82).

those of Peter Martinez they lost by 16 points and in the last quarter an 11-25 run, with 16 points from Sylvain Francisco, decided the match.

The team of Ibon Navarro suffered the sixth straight loss and is in a difficult situation in the standings.

With the accelerator pressed

BAXI Manresa faced the game without any relaxation after qualifying for the Copa del Rey. Pedro Martínez’s men imposed his style against a more than needy MoraBanc, which had a hard time seeing the hoop, and went from 9-8 to a 0-9 run for the Manresans with clear leading role for Moneke and a mate from Valtonen which forced the coach from Vitoria to ask for a time-out at 9-17.


  • 79 – MoraBanc Andorra (14+33+21+11): Hannah (16), Miller-McIntyre (-), ‘Drew’ Crawford (22), Nacho Llovet (3) and ‘Tunde’ (7) -starting quintet- ; Oriol Paulí (8), Moussa Diagne (2), Conor Morgan (6), Mario Nakic (10), Amine Noua (2) and Víctor Arteaga (3).
  • 82 – BAXI Manresa (21+15+21+25): Dani Pérez (-), Thomasson (3), Valtonen (10), Moneke (7) and Bako (10) -starting quintet-; Sima (8), Dani García (8), Maye (9), Francisco (27) and Vaulet (-).
  • Referees: Jordi Aliaga, Jorge Martínez and Fabio Fernández. Without eliminated.
  • Incidents: Match corresponding to matchday 16 of the Endesa League played at the Andorra Sports Center before 1,974 spectators.

After instructions from Navarro, Conor Morgan nailed a three-pointer to end the visitors’ streak. The first quarter ended with two points from Mario Nakic (14-21).

If BAXI Manresa imposed its style in the first quarter, MoraBanc did so in the second. Ibon Navarro’s men reunited with their best version and first got closer in the electronic with a partial of 12-4 with a triple by Conor Morgan for 26-28.

The Canadian power forward was injured in minute 5 and went to the locker room. The locals brought out his character and hit triple – three from Hannah and three from ‘Drew’ Crawford- signed a partial e 18-2 for a 47-33. A triple by Dani García made up the score at halftime (47-36). Hannah went to the locker room with 5 of 6 triples and 15 points for a PIR of 18.

The defense of the premises served to maintain the distances. Ibon Navarro’s men stifled BAXI Manresa in attack and played with very clear ideas. ‘Drew’ Crawford scored two consecutive triples to post a +16 (56-40).

Pedro Martínez’s men suffered in defense and also in attack. The visitors’ coach only managed to find the key two minutes before reaching the end of the third quarter. A triple by Sylvain Francisco cut the gap to 10 (62-52). The last quarter was reached with a 68-57 with a triple on the horn of the French international.

His points and a three-pointer by Maye five minutes from the end served to put Pedro Martínez’s team within just 6 points (73-67). At 3:30, a 3+1 from the French point guard caused an end to the match that was not suitable for the faint of heart (75 to 71).

Ibon Navarro’s men forgot to score and Sylvain Francisco got BAXI Manresa to face the last two minutes with an advantage (75-76). The Andorran tragedy was chewed. And more after a stopper from Moneke to ‘Tunde.

The partial of the Manresans became 11-25 with 16 points from Sylvain Francisco to end up coming back from the game and leave the final 79-82.

MoraBanc suffers its sixth consecutive defeat and BAXI Manresa continues to have a successful season. Sylvain Francisco finished with 27 points and a PIR of 24.