SANISPORT will install CO2 meters and air purifiers in the club’s offices and will provide elements such as thermometers, gels, disinfectants, screens and disinfectant mats to further reinforce safety both in training sessions and in games.

It will also provide the club with highly breathable masks that is SANISPORT’s star product. A mask with a proven and certified efficacy that also allows you to breathe normally without lack of oxygen, making it perfect for both players and coaches for training and for workers who perform physical activity during their work.

Another of the specific products is the special disinfectant for balls and materials related to physical activity, which thanks to its composition, in addition to disinfecting with total efficiency, prevents the wear of the materials due to repetitive use on them.

The event was attended by Luis García, president of TAU Castelló and Pedro Rodríguez, CEO of SANISPORT. Luis García described the agreement as very good, “since all help is necessary and more in these times. Having a company that provides us with safety materials and advises us gives us added value to everything we are doing and will make our workers, coaches, players and the public feel safer with us ”. For his part, Pedro Rodríguez stated that “it is a great effort but that we are committed to supporting culture and sports in these difficult times for these sectors.”

The club is thus perfectly prepared for when both training sessions, matches and the opening of offices to the public can resume normally.