The “Together for a Dream” campaign aims to bring fans back to the pavilion to support the team in the best season in its history. Season to which the TAU Castelló would put the finishing touch if it managed to achieve promotion to the highest category of Spanish basketball. Difficult task since only one of the eight teams that will play the playoff will be the one to get the jackpot of promotion. “We want this party to be for all of Castellón. We are going to have a better chance of having an audience and we have thought about making a campaign exclusively for the playoffs. We want Castellón to live these days in a special way together with the players, coaches and the club who have made a great effort for the team to be in the playoffs ”, explained Luis García.

That is why the club wants those already subscribers to enter for free with their season ticket but also wants to attract more fans who can enjoy and vibrate with the team. To do this, it is selling a 20-euro subscription that will be used for all the games played in the Ciutat de Castelló during the playoffs.

The health authorities already contemplate that 1,500 spectators can attend the pavilion and the TAU Castelló wants the allowed seats to be filled to fly the team towards what would be the most important milestone in the history of provincial basketball.

A support that Luis García called essential, “for us the support of the fans is essential with the best team in history that we have ever had and with the best result we have achieved in our 26 years of existence”.

The president of TAU Castelló also wanted to thank all the subscribers for the support they have given to the club and the team despite not knowing if they could attend the games, “we want to thank the subscribers who have supported us since the start of the league and of course the entrance for them will be free ”. Luis García also took the opportunity to ask for the encouragement of the entire TAU Castelló family, “we also want to make an appeal to our quarry, they are important and the future of the club. We want to see the green stands full and cheering ”.

Those fans who want to get tickets at the box office for each game can do so for € 15 as long as there are seats available.

Season tickets can be taken out from tomorrow Friday through the club’s website and can be collected prior to the first game of the playoff at the club’s offices and at the box office on match day.