In this way, Ascires will carry out the necessary imaging tests, whether they be MRIs, X-rays or ultrasounds for the diagnosis of possible injuries, as well as stress tests to determine the cardiological health of both the LEB Oro team and the affiliate that plays in the EBA League.

President Luis García was very satisfied with the agreement, “this agreement represents a great step both for the prevention and for the rapid diagnosis of the different injuries that may occur during the season. He is a great signing for our medical services ”.

Thanks to the Ascires Biomedical Clinics network, which includes Ascires Castelló, TAU Castelló players can undergo stress tests and different diagnostic techniques of maximum precision in the club’s own city. In fact, Ascires Castellón has the only 3 Tesla MRI (the most powerful in medical practice) in the province, a crucial technology to quickly and accurately diagnose multiple injuries. In addition, this medical group has the most advanced equipment to study the body’s response to exercise in a global and non-invasive way, an aspect on which its extensive experience in comprehensive care for elite athletes is based through its Medical Medicine units. Sport and Cardiovascular.

During these first days of preseason, the players are already performing stress tests (ergospirometries) prior to medical check-ups at the Ascires Castelló Biomedical Clinic to verify that they are in perfect condition to face what will already be the seventh consecutive season of TAU Castelló in LEB Gold.