TAU Castelló and Calvin Hermanson have reached an agreement for the North American forward to play next season for the tile team. Hermanson is 26 years old, 1.98 tall and a native of Oregon (USA).

Hermanson played the 18-19 season at Palencia so you already know the league. The 19-20 season he played in the top flight of Swedish basketball for the Wetterbygden Stars team where he averaged 12.7 points and 4.1 rebounds per game with an average rating of 12.6.

Toni Ten spoke like this about the new signing, “he is above all a magnificent shooter. He stands out because his shooting percentage of three during his career is extraordinary. We already liked it a lot when it was in Palencia. Last year due to the pandemic situation, he could not play. He is very different from Adala but he is a top level player and very complete who is going to give us a lot ”. The Nicaraguan coach still remembers the 15 points and a 3 of 7 in triples that the North American scored for them wearing the purple of the then Chocolates Trapa Palencia.

And it is that the TAU Castelló has been very intelligent with the signing of Calvin, since by not playing last year due to the pandemic, it seemed that Hermanson had disappeared from the market and without a doubt he is one of the great signings of the team and the league .