Lthe Endesa League has witnessed in the last week one of the most brutal displays of power in memory. he has signed it Walter Tavaresthat from its 2.20 meters, has crushed the Bitci Baskonia to put into real Madrid in the final with a resounding 3-0. The whites had no bases, but they did have a pivot who is still one of the most decisive players in Europe.

Tavares did 12 points, 13 rebounds and a PIR of 24 in the first game. he finished with 15 points, eight rebounds and a PIR of 22 in the second. And in the third and final one he went to 23 points, 12 rebounds and a PIR of 36. With that last performance he equaled Arvydas Sabonis and Joe Arlauckas as the only madridistas to make 20+10 and at least two blocks in a playoff game. Since 2000, only Before Tomic and Alberto Herreros they had overcome the barrier of 30 PIR in a duel with Madrid in the series for the title.

“It had been a long time since I’d seen so much difference in a pivot’s game. Everyone at Madrid plays at a high level, but he changes the game. He controls everything in defense and in attack he is like an octopus. Our tall players look like guards against him. The difference between the two teams is Edy Tavares. If you have a player who can control the boards like him… He’s an awesome center. He has an NBA level,” he acknowledged. Neven Spa daughterBaskonia coach who worked for the hawks when the Cape Verdean center arrived at the franchise Atlanta in 2015.

beastly averages

The madridista colossus finished the semifinal against Baskonia with averages of 16.6 points with 67.8 shooting from the field (19/28), 11.0 rebounds and a PIR of 27.3. Data that demonstrate the extraordinary domain of Tavares. With him on court, during the three games Madrid has won by 57 points. Contrast with the -15 accumulated by Vincent Poirierits replacement.

“When the playoffs come, you have to survive and give everything you can.. If you have to contribute more to help the team, you contribute more”, valued Tavares after eating his peers in his third recital. Baskonia does not have the kind of pivots that can complicate Edy’s life or stand up to base defense physical nor threatening from the triple in attack. In the final, the giant can have it more complicated. At the moment, he rests after his bestial performances waiting to meet rivals.