ANDThe basketball player from Cape Verde Eddy Tavarespivot of real Madridis in his fifth season with the Madrid team and is one of the dominant players in his position in Europe, reviewed his sports career, with his time at the Gran Canaria and the NBAassured that it was a good decision to sign for the white club, he is “very happy” and expect to be a long time.

The Madrid player was the protagonist of the interview on DAZN’s La Caja. Tavares He explained that his beginnings were not easy and said that he started playing basketball in flip flops. “The guy from Germany who gave me the opportunity brought me some ‘cholas‘ (flip flops) and they didn’t fit me, half of my foot was out. But the only chance I had to play there was putting them on,” she declared.

His opportunity arose when representatives of Gran Canaria went to see him in Cape Verde and he signed for the Canarian team. He started his career as a professional in the Endesa Leaguewent through Gran Canaria and UB La Palma.

I spent a week with them in Cape Verde. Alejo (Melero), who works in Gran Canaria, had a brother there. They decided to go to Cape Verde, which just at that time had already spoken with them, and they said ‘let’s go on vacation and see this boy’. And that’s where it started, I went to Las Palmas for 3 months, and then forever,” confessed Tavares.

After three seasons at Gran Canaria, from 2012 to 2015, he signed for the Atlanta Hawks, NBA team. He later went through other teams in the North American basketball league such as the Raptors and Cleveland Cavaliers, although Tavares did not have the expected success in the NBA. “When they knew that they were going to cut my contract in Cleveland, there were many clubs in Europe that wanted me to come, but I wasn’t thinking of coming,” said the Cape Verdean.

His signing for the real Madrid materialized in November 2017.”When Real Madrid appeared, I had to think about it, because before going to the NBA, I was waiting if Madrid would make me an offer to spend another year in Europe and then go there (NBA). Then when that opportunity came along, it was amazing,” Tavares said.

During the interview on DAZN, the white player spoke about what it meant to coincide with Lebron James in the ranks of the Cleveland Cavaliers, his close relationship with his country and revealed that his great passion is his son.

Tavares spoke of what impressed him most about Lebron James was the way he worked and how incredible it was “to see him up close.” “He has won everything, but he is the first to arrive and the last one to leave always. In addition, he is very close, he is a very charismatic and very funny guy, “he declared.

The Cape Verdean international, who made his debut with his national team last year after many years rejecting his call, is involved in social projects to help the smallest of Cape Verde to develop through sport. “It’s like a club or a school that I created there, in Cape Verde, and that my uncle and some guys from there are taking. I want the children to want to demonstrate or have a future,” Tavares explained.

Finally, the Real Madrid basketball player revealed his great passion off the pitch, his son: “My son is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Because every day that passes, I enjoy it more. She never expected that she would have such a different feeling about something so small. . So, it’s something incredible and that I enjoy every day.”