ANDamidst the storm caused by the Gabriel Deck’s departure heading to the NBA and later signing of Vincent PoirierWalter Tavares wanted to put some calm in the Real Madrid environment by reminding all the fans of the white club that he will continue to wear white until 2024.

It was his wife Paula Grimón who was in charge of sending a message of tranquility to social networks: “Hello everyone! I just want you to be calm and remind you of one thing with this photo! I can only say: # Halamadridynadamás! “. A few words that he accompanied with an image of the couple posing with the Real Madrid shirt and 2024 on their back, the year in which your contract for the African interior ends.

Good news for the Madrid team after a few convulsive last hours, confirming that the intention of the most dominant center in Europe is to continue wearing white and that, for the moment, has no intention of falling under the spell of the NBA.

Have been various NBA franchises who have asked about the 2.20 meter pivot. For the tranquility of Madrid, the giant does not intend to move. Only a dizzying offer could make you change your mind and it does not seem feasible that it can arrive. Most of the proposals are to leave the bench and Tavares prefers to continue being decisive in the white team rather than risk a new American adventure.

At Madrid, Tavares feels valued and loved. In June 2019, he renewed for five seasons. Your contract ends in 2024 and It has a clause somewhat higher than the one Campazzo had, which was six million euros. It is another handicap in the remote case that he wanted to try again in the NBA.

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