ANDhe UCAM Murcia Club Baloncesto has achieved a convincing victory against Coosur Real Betis, which has endorsed an 88-66 based on the decision and the success of the outside duo formed by Isaiah Taylor and Thad McFadden and in the good collective tone both in defense and attack of a team that was close to surprising at the Palau Blaugrana in the season premiere and that this Friday gave full account of a blurred rival.

Basketball returned to the Palacio de los Deportes in Murcia four months and a day later and there were 2,036 spectators who enjoyed that return and a new victory against a very propitious rival. Not surprisingly, the university team has won ten of their last eleven games against the Verdiblancos.

The clash started with more inspiration from those at home. Six points and an assist from Taylor and seven goals from McFadden determined an 18-6 start in favor of UCAM CB in the 8th minute.

Joan Plaza tried to change the dynamics of the game with a time-out, but the constant turnovers of the Verdiblanco team were a drag. At least a couple of good baskets from Shannon Evans minimized damage for the Sevillians, who closed the quarter to seven points (18-11).

The team led by Sito Alonso continued to lose its advantage gradually due to the fact that it was more than seven minutes without scoring and that was partly used by Betis, with Marko Todorovic active, to endorse a 0-11 partial between the end of the first quarter and the beginning of the second.

With 18-17 in the middle of that second period – putting each basket was very difficult – the locals returned to focus and, loading the rebound well in attack, they overcame the pothole with an 18-10 in five minutes that clearly returned control ( 36-27) with Taylor making the last basket before the break to go to 11 points on his account, the highest scorer of the match up to that point with one more than his teammate McFadden.

On the other side, Todorovic, with his eight goals, contributed almost a third of a team that was stuck and that very little resembled the one that scored 102 points for MoraBanc Andorra on the first day.

It was a meeting of streaks and the Murcia team obtained a profit of one in their favor to almost sentence him. The 52-34 of minute 26 was enlightening and that score was reached after two triples by McFadden and another two by Taylor, undoubtedly the pair of the match, plus the contribution with two baskets by James Webb and Augusto Lima.

This partial was already practically final because from that moment on there was an exchange of baskets and the quarter closed with a 61-45 that presaged a placid end for Sito Alonso’s men and it was.

The last period, with little tension in the Betics, was facing the gallery for a UCAM CB that, with Chris Czerapowicz finally scoring from the perimeter, came to have up to 26 rental points (81-55 in minute 37 ), which was 22 at the end.

Match sheet:

88. UCAM Murcia Club Basketball (18 + 18 + 25 + 27): Taylor (23), McFadden (18), Rojas (4), Webb (12) and Lima (4) -starting five-, Davis (7), Bellas (2), Malmanis (3), Radovic (9), Cate (-), Czerapowicz (6) and Vasileiadis (-).

66. Coosur Real Betis (11 + 16 + 18 + 21): Pozas (3), Almazán (3), Bertans (9), Brown (7) and Agbelese (2) -starting five-, Carrington (6), Burjanadze (4), Evans (10), Bleijenbergh (3), Spiers (5), Todorovic (11) and Luis García (3).

Referees: Emilio Pérez Pizarro, Jorge Martínez Fernández and Andrés Fernández Carretero. Visitor Carrington (m.38) eliminated.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the second day of the Endesa Basketball League that was played at the Palacio de los Deportes in Murcia before 2,036 spectators.