ANDhe UCAM Murcia Club Baloncesto, with 53 points scored between Isaiah Taylor (28) and James Webb (25), has authoritatively defeated Río Breogán de Lugo 91-72 and thus takes a very important step to access the playoffs by the title in the Endesa League, as they are seventh with 13 wins in 23 games and have a cushion of two over the teams that most threaten eighth place.

Data sheet

  • 91. UCAM Murcia Basketball Club (18+24+27+22): Taylor (28), Davis (9), Rojas (4), Webb (25) and Lima (4) -initial five-, Bellas (3), Malmanis (-), Radovic (2), McFadden (14) and Cate (2).
  • 72. Breogán River Lugo (20+15+22+15): Bell-Haynes (7), Sergi Quintela (5), Musa (21), Lukovic (8) and Mahalbasic (17) -initial five-, Kacinas (- ), Kalinoski (9), Ubal (-), Jankovic (-), Sakho (-), Erik Quintela (1) and Cruz (4).

It was a confrontation between direct rivals in the fight to finish the regular phase among the top eight and it was hot because of what happened in the first round in a clash that Breogán won 94-89 after several brawls and the expulsion of Sadiel Rojas, captain of the UCAM CB.

The 18-6 run with which Sito Alonso’s team finished the match just when their opponent was pressing the hardest was decisive at the Palacio de los Deportes de Murcia, where the staging was better by the visitors, who sent start with a 4-10 in four minutes. That income from Lugo was maintained until 11-17 with Dzanan Musa striking again and again.

Taylor assumed responsibility for the home team and from the first quarter starred in an interesting duel with Musa as both players led the attacks of their respective teams.

In the first ten minutes the Bosnian, top scorer in the League, already scored eight goals and Taylor, second in the list of scorers, scored three more and went up to 11 and missing only one shot of the seven he tried in those ten minutes.

With that duel already presented from the first quarter, it ended with the result of 18-20 in favor of the team led by Veljko Mrsic.

The start of the second quarter was once again better for the people from Lugo, who achieved their maximum advantage with 18-25.

Two triples by Thad McFadden, the second of them also with an additional free throw, and another basket of maximum value by Tomás Bellas gave Sito Alonso’s men the advantage for the first time in the match (28-27).

The defensive improvement and Taylor’s festival -18 points from the Californian at halftime- allowed the university team to close the quarter with a 24-15 in their favor and thus open a gap to retire to the locker room with a +7 (42-35) .

Back on the court, eight straight points scored by Webb -two triples and a shot of two- in just one minute and nine seconds shot UCAM CB and forced Mrsic to call timeout with 50-35 against.

From then on, the exchange of baskets came in handy for the university team, who by circulating the ball well and putting hands in defense, had their maximum advantage after the halfway point of the third period (65-44).

Webb, author of 14 points in a room in which he did not sit down, was lethal and the activity of the entire team, especially Rojas and Augusto Lima, made them think that the match was practically sentenced.

However, a 4-13 partial led to the final ten minutes with a traceable difference (69-57) and it was so thanks to the good work of Rasid Mahalbasic.

Breogán, with Tyler Kalinoski shooting from beyond the goal, continued to believe in the comeback by lowering the psychological barrier of ten points with seven and a half minutes to play (73-66).

Some ghosts appeared to the Murcians, but at that moment a 9-0 in more than four and a half minutes without scoring on the visiting side and with Taylor and Webb to the rescue of the locals -four points for each in that part- gave air to UCAM CB and they made him win with solvency and turning the “basket average” upside down with the Galician team more than wiping out the five points for which they lost in the first round in Lugo.