Isaiah Taylor, with the help of Tomás Bellas and Augusto Lima, above all, yesterday in Illumbe made possible the fourth victory in a row for Murcia, 78-88, leaving Gipuzkoa Basket increasingly condemned to relegation to the Leb Oro. , they lost Xabi Oroz, who could have a serious injury.

The meeting started very even. Okouo assumed the scoring responsibility in Gipuzkoa Basket, with the help in some attacks from Tomás and Radoncic, above all, Murcia shot for Bellas or, rather, Bellas shot for Murcia, for with eight points in a row to put an 8-8 in the electronic. Taylor took over and, with another eight points, tied the game at 16, with Webb putting the visitors ahead for the first time, 16-18, who finished the first quarter 23-25.

A basket from Dee just into the second period put the tie, but Taylor and Cate responded with two hits of beyond 6.75. From that distance, Nicola’s men tried to get closer, with a hit from Span, first, and another from Dee, later, but behind they conceded a lot, so much so that their rivals reached 40 points in 15 minutes (33-40), with Bellas again on fire.

The locals tried to equalize the score, but in some attacks they could not find the basket, while Murcia did have successes in the hands of Taylor, again, and Vasileaidis, to reach the break eight up, 40-48.

Taylor thwarted all comebacks

The break didn’t change anything. Gipuzkoa Basket continued to make the rubber, using cycling terms, since every time it got a little closer it found a good response from Murcia, once again guided by Bellas and Taylor, now with scoring support from Lima, who until then he had been the owner of the rebound, which allowed them to reach 10 rental points for the first time, 52-62 in the 27th minute.

The San Sebastian team, in that phase without Okouo, did not find strength in any area, while in Murcia Strawberry appeared, which with two triples in a row put the victory on track, 56-71, although in the absence of the final quarter the income was two points less .

Gipuzkoa Basket made one last attempt and, despite the injury to its captain Xabi Oroz, which could be serious, was placed within five points, but Taylor appeared again, who if not, to make things clear with a triple. And with Radovic as a partner, to overcome the ten barrier again, being in the end the Murcian victory by 78-88.

Data sheet:

78 – Acunsa Gipuzkoa Basket (23 + 17 + 18 + 20): Faggiano (13), Oroz (4), Tomás (9), Radoncic (6), Okouo (12) – starting five- Span (7), Dee (10), Carlson (5), Magarity (9), Motos, Olaizola (3).

88 – UCAM Murcia (25 + 23 + 23 + 17): Bellas (13), Taylor (25), Rojas (3), Webb (7), Lima (9) – starting five- Radovic (14), Strawberry (8), Corraliza, Churchill, Antetokounmpo, Cate (6), Vasileiadis (3).

Referees: Calatrava, Caballero and Fernández.

Incidents: match of the thirty-third day of the Endesa League played at the San Sebastián Arena 2016.

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