Pau Gasol retires. At 41 years old and in an act at the height of his figure, the best Spanish player in history said goodbye to the courts. Surrounded by friends, family and colleagues, the Liceu puts an end to the sporting career of the center of Sant Boi, which leaves him with an impressive record and a legacy that transcends sports. “I want to give back to society and to sport all that it has given me”, he affirmed in his appearance.

The ‘Marcador’ of Radio MARCA turned upside down with a special two-hour program to remember the figure of Pau and through which the main protagonists of the sport of the basket passed.

Listen to the interview with Alejandro Blanco

Alejandro Blanco, president of the COE: “Will contribute a lot to the Olympic movement. It has broken records and opened borders. What he does on the court is the reflection of the person “

Listen to the interview with Agustí Gasol

Agustí Gasol, father: “He is humble, hardworking, respectful … All this makes me proud of him. It is exciting to see everything that has happened these years, it touches your heart “

Listen to the interview with Felipe Reyes

Felipe Reyes, former teammate in the national team:Spanish basketball stays a bit orphan because a referrer is removed “

Listen to the interview with Jorge Garbajosa

Jorge Garbajosa, president of the FEB: “They take off his shirt because he has left a legacy, it is well deserved any recognition that is made. I am excited that I believed in him “

Listen to the interview with Antonio Martín

Antonio Martín, president of the ACB: “His goodbye is shocking, he has been a basketball icon for many years, the benchmark of a historical generation “

Listen to the interview with Alfonso Reyes

Alfonso Reyes, president of the ABP: “He is above all, he is humble and hardworking. He has made our basketball to be at the top”

Listen to the interview with Pepe Casal

Pepe Casal, physical trainer for a decade: “I did not expect to top the list of thanks, excited and very happy”

Interview with Carlos Jiménez

Carlos Jiménez, former captain of the Spanish team: “Playing the 2006 World Cup final without our reference filled us with strength”