Lhe only news about Jaycee Carroll are those offered by the family through social networks, since neither the player nor Real Madrid have communicated anything about his uncertain future. In the last hours, the 38-year-old guard has published several videos in which he is seen shooting for a basket on the indoor court he has at his ranch in Utah.

In one of them he shows that he puts them even wearing some slippers at home. In another, more serious, you can see that he retains the good hand that made him a legend of the white team.

Neither the player nor the club have made any announcement about the future of Carroll, who in the middle of last season communicated his willingness to play one more year but until recently had not yet responded to Madrid’s offer of renewal. and he was focused on his family life in the United States.

His wife has also published in the last hours an announcement of a talk that her husband will offer and in which he is considered “recently retired from professional basketball at Real Madrid”. It would not be the first time that his wife has spoken on social networks about Jaycee’s future and the opposite happens. Two years ago he wrote that it was the guard’s last campaign and, after thinking about it a lot, he still played one more.

On the official website of Real Madrid, despite not having a contract in principle, Carroll continues to appear as if he were one of the squad in a photomontage with this season’s official shirt.

Via Marca.com