Six months after the successful Windows of Eurobasket 2023, the Women’s National Team meets again and it does so within the framework of the Road to the Future Tour, in which work will be done towards the renewal and consolidation of a group that intends to be as soon as possible in the fight for all the international trophies.

There will be more than 20 days of preparation in which 16 players will participate who make up a list that highlights the combination of experience and youth, with 4 debutants. As bases they will attend Silvia Domínguez, Maite Cazorla and Laura Peña. Leticia Romero will take turns between the position of base and escort sharing position with the rest of “2”, angela saviors, Leo Rodriguez and Queralt Casas. The outer line is completed Alba Torrens and Maria Conde in the eaves position. Inside, Paula Ginzo, Maria Araújo and Irati Etxarri have been selected as power forwards, while the centers are Raquel Carrera, Astou Ndour, Lola Pendande and Nerea Hermosa.

With Miguel Méndez at the helm, this group will have as short-term objectives the friendly matches in Melilla against Italy (June 1) and Belgium (June 3), as well as those that will be held in the Italy tournament against Slovenia (18 June) and the host team (June 19). In the long term, the intentions are much more ambitious and consist of laying the foundations that will allow us to trace a new path to success.

The group will meet on Tuesday May 24 in Madrid and will head to Melilla on the 25th. This first part will end on June 3 and it will be on the 10th of that same month when the team gets back together to leave for Guadalajara. There will take place a new week of training that will end on the 17th, the day on which the expedition will leave for Cividale del Friuli, in the province of Udine, to participate in the tournament organized by the Italian Federation.

Miguel Méndez: “This will be a very important concentration to finish landing in the National Team”

The National Coach points out the objectives he seeks with this concentration: “This concentration is very important for me and one of the objectives is to finish landing in this National Team. Precisely because of the short time we had in November, we will also work to try to be as prepared as possible for the next November Window, where we will have a very important match against Hungary, which will qualify for EuroBasket 2023. This has It has been a very tough season for players and coaches, long and with many health problems, but, despite this physical and mental fatigue, I am sure that we will do a good job and be as well prepared as possible for that next window. I invite you to be with the team, with these players who deserve everything and to be part of the effort and the result that we hope to achieve in November with these players”.

Jorge Garbajosa: “This will be a key summer for the future”

The president of the Spanish Basketball Federation points to the importance of this summer in order to continue with the renewal and consolidation of the team: “We are very optimistic about what this summer will mean for the future. We have set up two concentrations with a clear objective, to build a National Team that competes for everything in the coming years, as we have done so far. We are going to take advantage of these weeks to build a solid team that maintains the values ??of #LaFamilia and that competitiveness and grit that has always differentiated us from other countries. And we will do it with the experience of players who have been on the podium for years, such as Silvia Domínguez, Astou Ndour or Alba Torrens, and the enthusiasm of other young women who over the last few seasons have shown us that we have to trust them, such as María Conde, Maite Cazorla, Raquel Carrera or Irati Etxarri”.