With just over a month to go before the 2021 Women’s EuroBasket, to be held in Valencia and Strasbourg from June 17 to 27, the FEB has released the championship medals, which will be awarded to the top three finishers.

The design of the medal has taken into account the rhombus of the Valencia City Council shield and the branding of the EuroBasket, with the number 21 as the main element. With an approximate weight of 500 grams, it has a technical complexity when it comes to production. Made from Valencia, it is made of bronze, and bathed in gold, silver and copper.

The event, presented by Isabel Sánchez, was attended by the Minister of Education, Culture and Sports of the Generalitat Valenciana, Vicent Marzà; the Managing Director of Sports of the city of Valencia, Pilar Bernabé; the Sports deputy of the Valencia Provincial Council, Andrés Campos; the director of International Relations of the French Basketball Federation, Goran Radonjic; and the president of the FEB, Jorge Garbajosa.

Jorge Garbajosa: “This presentation of the medals is another example of teamwork”

“When the adventure of this EuroBasket began, the first commitment was with the French Federation with the aim of giving a quality leap to women’s basketball. When the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation and the rest of the Valencian institutions joined, that commitment remains very intact, despite very difficult circumstances, and we do it from responsibility, looking to the future and hoping that the fans can enjoy the best basketball at the Fonteta. female european “ assured the president of the FEB, who added that “After the logo and the mascot, the third great moment of promotion of a tournament is the presentation of the medals. The idea is to make small museum works, small souvenirs for collectors, which are, in turn, another example of teamwork. “

Goran Radonjic: “Rivals on the court and joining forces off”

The director of International Relations of the French Federation traveled to Valencia to discover the design of the medals for the Women’s EuroBasket 2021: “We are the two best National Federations in all of Europe. Spain has won 9 medals, three of them gold, in the last 20 years. France, in the same period, has won 7 medals, two gold. On the court we have been tough rivals, but when the game ends we have joined forces to promote women’s basketball in Europe, to work together to promote our sport. “

Vicent Marzà: “We work so that sport stays here”

The Regional Minister of the Generalitat welcomed the attendees to a unique space in the city of Valencia such as the Palau de les Arts and stated that “It has been a great job that has brought us here. It was very important for us to do the Eurobasket in Valencia, but for our objective of promoting the sport among the youngest. We want the events to not be limited to competition days, but to extend from before the start as they leave a legacy after the tournament. Marzà concluded that “we work so that sport stays here.”

Pilar Bernabé: “This tournament is bringing out the best in ourselves”

The CEO of Sports of the Valencia City Council pointed out that “We can already say that we are on the countdown to EuroBasket for Women 2021. In recent months this city has experienced the emotion of women’s basketball, and the emotion of discovering the values ??of the people behind this project. This tournament has brought out the best in ourselves with this working relationship between institutions, and I can assure you that much of it will remain after the tournament is held. “

Andrés Campos: “Valencia is a reference for organizing events”

The Valencia Sports deputy closed the event by assuring that “this city has become a benchmark for organizing events. All with the help of institutions, both public and private. ” Campos added that “I want to distribute medals to all those institutions that have allowed us to be at this event. It has been very easy to work with the Spanish Federation, with the French Federation, with local institutions and with the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation. All with the aim of promoting the values ??of sport in our city. “

Via Feb.es