After the closing of the registration period last Friday afternoon, the Delegate Commission of the Spanish Basketball Federation has proceeded to validate the corresponding documentation and guarantees presented by the clubs in order to confirm the registration of each one of them in their respective categories.

In this way, the 2022/23 season will feature a total of 241 teams distributed throughout the six leagues organized by the FEB: the LF Endesa, the LF Challenge and the Women’s League 2 in the women’s category and the LEB Gold League, the LEB Silver League and the EBA League in the men’s category. A total of three more teams than last year after the rearrangement of Groups in the EBA League for a new year marked by a notable step forward in the different categories where all the vacant places have been filled, even with additional requests .

All a demonstration of the good health of the FEB Competitions over the last few seasons and that will now give way to a season in which each and every one of them will seek a new step forward in their sporting, economic and social growth.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, the FEB will announce the final organization of the competition groups in the LEB Plata League, the EBA League and the LF2.

LF ENDESA: The strength of a rising competition

After acquiring a sports place with their respective promotions at the end of last year, both Barça CBS and Hozono Global Jairis have successfully completed their respective entries in the category. In this way, both teams will be the main novelty for the new course in a LF Endesa in which Tenerife will remain for one more season after an exchange of places with Campus Promete with which to guarantee its continuity in the category. Thus, the competition has completed the list of 16 teams that will begin the fight for the title next October within a campaign full of talent on the slopes and that is expected to be really exciting on all fronts.

1. Casademont Zaragoza
2. Spar Gran Canaria
3. Tenerife
4. Perfumeries Avenue
5. Sausages Pajariel Bembibre
6. Barca CBS
7. Spar Girona
8. Cadi La Seu
9. Duran Machinery Ensino
10. Innova-tsn Leganés
11. Movistar Students
12. Hozono Global Jairis
13. Valencia B.C.
14. Kutxabank Araski
15. IDK Euskotren
16. Lointek Gernika Bizkaia

LEB GOLD: Solid projects towards a growing season

Formed one more season by 18 teams and maintaining the successful competition system of recent seasons, the LEB Oro League has closed its composition for the new course with the confirmation of all the teams with a sports place in the category. A season in which Hereda San Pablo Burgos and MoraBanc Andorra will be the two newcomers from the Endesa League and in which Bueno Arenas Albacete Basket and Grupo Alega Cantabria will debut in the category after their respective promotions from the LEB Plata League together to Hereda Ourense. The champion of the Regular League will be awarded the first of the two promotion places while the second will be put into play under the Final Four format after a first phase of Playoffs.

1. Alimerka Oviedo Basketball
2. Group Alleges Cantabria CBT
3. Bueno Arenas Albacete Basket
4. CB Almansa with Afanion
5. UEMC Real Valladolid Basketball
6. Inherits San Pablo Burgos
7. Zunder Palencia
8. MoraBanc Andorra
9. ICG Força Lleida
10. Cáceres World Heritage Site
11. Leyma Coruna
12. Ourense Basketball Club
13. Movistar Students
14. Melilla Sport Capital WBC
15. TAU Castello
16. HLA Alicante
17. Acunsa Gipuzkoa
18. Juaristi ISB

LF CHALLENGE: After the year of birth, for a new step forward

If last year the LF Challenge was the main novelty in the ranking of the FEB Women’s Competitions, on this occasion, the competition will begin its second year of life with the priority objective of being able to take a new step forward. A League that left a great taste in the mouths of its protagonists in the premiere campaign and that this year will host the historic Baxi Ferrol from the LF Endesa and two classics such as the Picken Claret and the Vega Lagunera Toyota Adareva from the LF2. Although these will not be the only novelties of a 2022/23 campaign in which Milar Córdoba BF and Melilla Sport Capital La Salle will make their debut in the category after acquiring seats with which to give a new boost to their sports projects.

1. Milar Córdoba Women’s Basketball
2. CAB Estepona Garden of the Costa del Sol
3. Vega Lagunera Toyota Adareva Tenerife
4. Recoletas Zamora
5. Lima Horta Barcelona
6. Club Joventut Badalona
7. Alter Enersun Al-Qázeres Extremadura
8. Celtic Zorka Recalvi
9. Baxi Ferrol
10. Synergy Solutions Real Canoe
11. Vantage Towers Alcobendas
12. Melilla Sport Capital La Salle
13. Osés Construction Ardoi
14. NB Paternal
15. Picken Claret
16. Azkoitia Azpeitia ISB

LEAGUE LEB PLATA: The springboard to the elite receives exciting projects

With a perfectly established competition system that keeps the excitement intact from the first to the last day, the LEB Plata League will maintain its format for the next 2022/23 campaign. A League in which its 28 teams will be divided into two Conferences due to geographical proximity and in which the three teams that arrived from the LEB Gold League will once again focus on the search for new ones with the competition: Palma, CB Prat and Levitec Huesca Magic. Although these will not be the only projects that will be carried out during this course as exciting novelties since the League will welcome clubs such as Baloncesto Talavera, Brisasol Salou or L’Horta Godella. A year in which CB Tormes, CB L’Hospitalet or Baskonia will return to the League after their respective promotions from the EBA League.

1. Zamora Falls in Love
2. UBU Tizona
3. Clinic Ponferrada CDP
4. The Old CB Tornes
5. Baskonia
6. Teknei Bizkaia Zornotza
7. EnerParking Basket Navarra
8. Yogurt Queen Clavijo CB
9. CB Minuscenter Morón
10. Damex UDEA Algeciras
11. Melilla Sport Capital Enrique Soler
12. Decolor Foundation Globalcaja La Roda
13. Talavera Basketball
14. Royal Canoe NC
15. Sant Antoni Ibiza Feeling
16. Hestia Menorca
17. Palm
18. Gran Canaria
19. FC Cartagena CB
20. CB L´Horta Godella
21. Woods Sorli Benicarló
22. Safir Fruits Alginet
23. Levitec Huesca The Magic
24. Gaudí CB Mollet spare parts
25. CB Cornellá
26. CB Prat
27. Brisasol CB Salou
28. CB L´Hospitalet

WOMEN’S LEAGUE 2: The league of opportunities maintains its bet

The commitment to the growth and training of national players will take the Women’s League 2 one more year with all its strength. A competition that gained muscle last year as the epicenter of individual and group projection and that will once again host some of the most successful academies in national basketball. Teams that will compete from the individual training of their pieces to be able to grow collectively in a League whose Final Phase will once again be one of the strong points of the season with the promotion of two of their teams to the LF Challenge.

1. Ingenia Solar Energy Costa de Almeria
2. Unibox
3. Manuela Raca Foundation
4. Gardenstore B. Seville
5. Magecties Against Gender Violence
6.CB Aridane
7. Tirso Center
8. BF Leon
9. Irons Diaz Extremadura
10. CB Arxil
11. Seafood Anton Cortegada
12. Marist Coruna
13. Unibasket Logrono
14. HGB Ausarta BArakaldo
15. Araguren Multibasket
16. Anagan El Olivar
17. Club Sant Josep Obrer
18. GHG
19. Unilever Viladecans BF
20. XXI century
21. Ekke CB Lleida
22. Basket Almeda
23. Sertrans Femení Sant Adrià
24. Homs UE Mataró Femení Maresme
25. Advisor Boet Maresme
26. CB Grup Barna A
27. Promotions CBF Cerdanyola Vallés
28. NBF Castelló

EBA LEAGUE: Basketball throughout the country with a strong competition

Finally, the EBA League has been the only one of the six competitions that will modify its Group composition scheme in order to be able to match competition systems A small restructuring that will allow three more teams to be welcomed than last year in search of the Final Phase in which the tickets to the LEB Plata League will be put into play.

– Royal Covadonga Culture Group
– Corinto Gijon Basket
– Gijón Basketball Circle
– Raisan Pas Piélagos
– Restaurant Los Arcos CB Solares
– Cantbasket 04
– Philippians Inmapa Group
– Aspasia Real Valladolid South Clinic
– Nissan Santiago Group
– Cultural and Sports Leonesa SAD
– Inherits Ávila Authentic El Bulevar
– Santo Domingo Betanzos
– Obradoiro Silleda
– Ucoga Seguros CB Chantada
– Porriño Basketball Base
– Mundioma Marin Ence Peixegalego
– Solgaleo Bosco Salesians
– Calvo Basket Xiria
– Woods Zamar EDM A Estrada
– Ardoi Megashoes
– CB Santurtzi SK
– Mondragon University
-Getxo SBT
– Gipuzkoa Basketball EASO
– Bilbao Basketball Foundation
– Tabirako Baque
– CB The Arrow
– Nautical Tenerife
– CB La Matanza
– Transport Gobra Güimar
-CB Aridane
– Lujisa Guadalajara Basket
– Rodriguez Daimiel Coaches
– CB Pozuelo
– Real Madrid
– Aurochs of Rivas
– NCS Alcobendas
– Movistar Students
– CB Fuenlabrada
– Basketball Alcala
– Center Basket Madrid
– CB Getafe
– Basketball Torrelodones
– Head CB Socuéllamos
– Majadahonda
– Globalcaja Quintanar
– Study
– CB Santa Cruz
– Vito Valsequillo
– Doña Ramoncita CB La Solana
– Tobarra Gasóleos Sánchez and Murcia
– CB Saint George
– Pinto basketball
– Jofemesa ADC Boadilla
Spanish Basketball Academy
– Embou El Olivar
– Prosperplast Alfiden
– Hispanic Homeland Insurance Almozara
-CN Helios
– Moncayo CBZ tiles
– Pinta B CB Es Castell
– AEA Solidarity Llucmajor
– Agora Portals
– BBA Castelldefels
– Barca
– Ibersol CB Tarragona
– CB Valls Optiques Teixidó
– Plus Ultra Seguros Roser
– FC Martinenc Basketball
– Sese A
– Tenea CB Esparreguera
– Monbus CB Igualada
– Mataro Park Boet
– Joventut Badalona
-CB Martorell
– Basketball Girona B
– UE Mataró Homs
– CB Navas Viscola
– Sol Girons Bisbal Basketball
– CB Vic University of Vic
– CB Quart Germans Cruz
– Pajarraco CB Santfeliuenc
– CB Granollers 1
Ecoculture Costa de Almeria
– Unibox
– Your Super CB La Zubia
– El Pinar School
– CB Novaschool Corner of Victory
– Oh’Tels ULB
– Jaen Paradise Interior CB
– Benahavis Costa del Sol
– UPB Camper Eurogaza
– City of Huelva
– Huelva Commerce
– Eiffage CB City of Two Sisters
– Real Betis Basketball
– Baublock Gymnastics
– CB Marbella
– Andalusian still life CB Cimbis
– Vikings Syngenta B. Murgi
– PDM Aljaraque
– Lithium Iberia Sacred Heart
– AD morakeja CB
– Cake of Casar Extremadura
– City of Academy Badajoz
– Melilla Sport Capital Enrique Soler
– UCAM Murcia CB
– Archena Health
– Secomosa Molina Basket
– Organic Ager CB Begastri
– AD Infant
– Units Pel Bàsquet Gancía
– N.B. Paterna Power Electronics
– Refitel Basketball Lliria
– Sports Basketball Vila-Real
– Picken Claret
– NB Torrent
– SCD Carolinas
-Servigroup Benidorm
– CB Tavernes Blanques Fernando Gil
– CB Puerto Sagunto
– TAU Castelló B
– Lucentum Alicante
– CB Aldaia
– CBC Manises Quart A
– Eset Ontinent
– Young L´Eliana
– Eurofins-Megalab Alginet
– Swedish CB Fustes Bonet
– Valencia B.C.
– CB Ifach Calpe
– CB Ilicitano Central Rural Fund
– CB Jorge Juan A